AppleCare+ Vs. CPS Protection

Consumer Priority Service (CPS):

  • Cost: CPS often presents a more budget-friendly option compared to AppleCare.
  • Coverage: CPS protection plans typically cover accidental damage, like drops and spills, which may not be included in Apple's warranty.
  • Plan Options: CPS offers various plan options, allowing you to choose the coverage and duration that suits your needs.
  • Repair Services: They work with authorized repair centers for servicing your device.


  • Cost: AppleCare tends to be more expensive than CPS.
  • Official Support: It's an official Apple product, providing a certain level of support and service directly from Apple.
  • Coverage: AppleCare includes technical support, hardware repairs, and extends the standard warranty, but it may not cover accidental damage without additional coverage and deductible.
  • Convenience: If you're an Apple enthusiast, AppleCare offers a seamless and official solution.

In summary, CPS can be a cost-effective choice with comprehensive coverage for accidental damage, while AppleCare is pricier but provides official support and extends the standard warranty. Your decision should consider your budget and how much peace of mind you want for your iPhone or Mac. 

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