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With the iPhone 14 and Watch Series 8, Apple did Increase Pricing, but not in the US or China.

Many nations' residents may have to fork up substantially more money to purchase Apple's newest products.

Despite reports that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro might cost more this year, Apple was eager to stress out that the phones start at the same rates as their predecessors. Similar to the Series 7, the Apple Watch Series 8 received several updates but is still available for the same price. However, those devices have seen price increases in a number of other nations, including the UK, Australia, Japan, Ireland, and Germany, as noted by CNBC.

Purchasing some of Apple's most recent devices will cost substantially more this year than it did last. For instance, the iPhone 14 currently costs £849 in the UK, although the 13 initially cost £779. Although there hasn't been as much of an increase in price for the Apple Watch, the Series 8 now starts at £419, up from £369. The ordinary iPhone increased in price in Ireland from €909 to €1,019, while the Pro model increased to €170. Price comparisons for France and Italy, two additional Euro-using nations, revealed a similar pattern.

It's important to note that the Mini is no longer available as a choice that is 100 Pounds or Euros less expensive, which raises the entrance point to Apple's current mainline iPhone lineup significantly (though the 13 Mini is still for sale). These price increases are taking place as the economy is being squeezed by inflation and rising energy costs in the UK.

According to analysts who talked with CNBC, the strength of the dollar relative to other currencies may have contributed to Apple raising prices outside of the US. The pound is at its lowest level in decades when compared to the dollar, and the Yen has declined by almost 24 % over the past year in particular.

Countries haven't always profited historically when their currencies were more valuable than the dollar; in August 2021, the pound was worth about $1.40, but the cost of an iPhone in the UK was the same as it was in the US: $799. That indicated that the British were spending about $1,120 in today's money. Similar circumstances existed in Ireland, where the iPhone 12 was sold at €929 despite the $1.20 value of the Euro.

Not all products have experienced the recent price increases. While most smartphones now cost more in India, the base iPhone 14 is the same 79900.00 Rupees as the iPhone 13. The iPhone 14, 14 Pro, and Apple Watch Series 8 all cost the same as their predecessors in China. According to IDC analyst Bryan Ma, Apple maintained the same prices in China because it considers the country to be a crucial market and does not want to threaten the momentum the business is currently experiencing.

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