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With its New Music, TV, and iCloud Pictures Integration, Apple shows Windows some Love

Soon, Apple TV and Apple Music will be available on Windows, and the Photographs app in Windows 11 will also include iCloud photos.

Today marks the official launch of Apple Music in the Microsoft Store. It will be immediately available to Xbox users, and it will also be available on Windows later in the year. Soon, Windows users will be able to access preview versions of Apple Music and Apple TV, enabling Apple customers to enjoy music and TV programming directly on Windows without the need for online versions or the current iTunes client. Additionally, Microsoft is incorporating iCloud photographs into Windows 11's native Photos program.

iPhone customers will find it simple to locate images from their devices on a Windows PC or laptop thanks to a recent update that makes iCloud photos visible in the primary Windows Photos program. Installing Apple's most recent iCloud Windows app is all that Windows users need to do to take advantage of this integration, which is already accessible to Windows Insiders.

These latest Apple integrations for Windows and Xbox come after the introduction of Apple TV for Xbox consoles about two years ago and Apple Music for PS5 only last year. The integration of iCloud images is an especially nice inclusion for iPhone owners who also happen to use a Windows laptop or PC. It has taken Apple a while to completely support Windows and the Microsoft Store here.

Windows users who use both services will have a much better experience thanks to the separate Apple Music and Apple TV apps. Apple TV+ is now only available to Windows users via the web at tv.apple.com, while Apple Music can be accessed via the web or the dated iTunes for Windows software. Both apps' samples will be accessible on the Microsoft Store beginning later this year, according to Microsoft.

The Apple Music app, which allows customers to play music in the background while gaming, was also made available today for the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One, as was already reported earlier today. Last year, Apple Music was made available on the PlayStation 5.

iPhone owners will be able to access all of their images in the Photos app on Windows 11 thanks to the integration of iCloud Photos. Users only need to install the iCloud for Windows app from the Microsoft Store, turn on iCloud Photographs syncing, and the photos will automatically show in the app, according to Microsoft. Windows Insiders may begin testing iCloud Photos integration today, and all Windows 11 users will be able to utilize it starting in November.

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