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With a New Lock Screen, Customizable iMessages, and Other Features, iOS 16 is now Available

For your iPhone, iOS 16 contains a ton of new functions.

For compatible iPhones, Apple is launching its most recent iOS 16 Operating System right now. The free update comes with many new features, including as a new lock screen with widgets, iMessage unsend and edit, new keyboard haptics, a new Home app, and more. However, the iPadOS update to version 16 won't be released today; instead, iPadOS 16.1 release.

The majority of iOS 16's noticeable enhancements are found on the lock screen. Now that widgets are an option, the lock screen can function as a notification display. Due to a new always-on display on iPhone 14 Pro models, these widgets will even show up while the device is off.

If you often use iMessage, iOS 16 offers a number of enhancements that should please you. A message can now be edited for up to 15 minutes after it has been delivered, and it can even be deleted up to two minutes after it has been sent. A "mark as unread" tool has also been added by Apple so you can remember to reply to messages later. If you enjoy listening to audio messages, iOS 16 now allows you to fast-forward or rewind while you do so.

In iOS 16, users of Apple's built-in Mail app will also have the option to rapidly unsend an email that has already been sent. Additionally, there is a "remind me" option that, similar to Gmail, causes older sent emails to reappear at the top of your inbox to remind you to send follow-up emails.

The integrated keyboard haptics feature in iOS 16 allows you to feel sensations as you type, making it one of the best upgrades. Prior to this, haptics were only accessible within apps or while using lock screen functions like the flashlight. In iOS 16, the new haptics can be activated in the settings section.

In addition, iOS 16 has a redesigned Home app with new camera views, lock screen widgets, and Apple Watch management from an iPhone. With iOS 16, you can now copy text from videos in the same way you do from photos. The Health app has been enhanced as part of the most recent OS update, and you can now create a medicine list to keep track of your prescription drugs, vitamins, and supplements.

Apple is including a Lockdown Mode in iOS 16 for privacy-conscious users, boosting "extreme" security for those who might be the victim of state-sponsored spyware. Lockdown Mode prevents link previews, disables some online browsing features by default, blocks message attachments, and even blocks FaceTime calls from unauthorized numbers.

Similar to iOS 15, not all of iOS 16's previously stated features are available right away. Later this year, for instance, Apple will introduce its iCloud Shared Photo Library for families, which will enable you to build and share a unique iCloud photo library with up to five more family members. Additionally, a next-generation version of CarPlay won't be released until suitable vehicles are declared "in late 2023."

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