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With a New Firmware Update, Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack can Charge iPhones Faster

7.5W is Superior to 5W

Apple has issued a new software update for its MagSafe Battery Pack, version 2.7, which will allow you to charge your iPhone faster. It now supports 7.5W charging on the move, up from 5W prior to the upgrade. Update your MagSafe Battery Pack to the current version to obtain 7.5W charging on the go. When you connect your battery pack to your iPhone, the firmware upgrade occurs immediately. It may take up to a week to update the firmware. While a week to update is fairly long, there is a solution to update more quickly. Plug one end of a Lightning to USB cable into the Lightning connection on your battery pack and the other end into your Mac or iPad to upgrade the firmware. The MagSafe Battery Pack is designed to work with Apple's iPhone 12 and 13 models. It wasn't one of Apple's most popular accessories when it was released in July of 2021. iPhone owners were dissatisfied that it could only charge at 5W, as evidenced by the 15 comments. Users of the iPhone 12 Mini, on the other hand, have found it to be quite popular, as the device's major flaw was its short battery life. Overall, charging with a 20W power adapter is still faster, but the MagSafe Battery Pack is a decent option for those on the go. Go to your iPhone Settings, then General, About, MagSafe Battery Pack to check your current firmware version. According to a report from 9to5Mac, you'll be able to cordlessly charge an iPhone at a quicker 7.5W instead of the original 5W if you apply firmware update 2.7 to the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack. To acquire the patch, you can either wait for an over-the-air update or connect the pack to a linked Mac or iPad via a Lightning-to-USB cable, and then you're off to the races, as they say. But, if I'm being completely honest, I wouldn't bother with the upgrade just yet. I'm going to wait till we hear back from Apple (or reviewers) to see whether it has an impact on how heated the battery gets. Apple may have started a fresh campaign to remove out-of-date apps from the App Store. A notice about the company's App Store Improvements policy was recently delivered to several developers. As a result, I'm having a hard time envisioning it improving now that the MagSafe Battery Pack produces more power. Dieter Bohn pointed out in our evaluation of the MagSafe Battery Pack that the 5W charging speed was designed to reduce heat and extend the battery's life. Now, it's possible that Apple has made other changes to address the heat issue, like as changing the charging frequency and duration. It might need to charge less frequently if it charges at 7.5W for short periods of time, and it might even be less unpleasant for those of us who carry it around all day. If that's the case, I might actually buy one again. I've contacted Apple, and I'll let you know what they say.
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