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Unknown Extreme Sport Potentially Larger Screen and "Strong Metal" Casing for Apple Watch

More details about Apple's potential tough smartwatch

According to a claim from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple is developing an Apple Watch with a larger screen and more durable construction for "extreme sports players." According to the source, the sports watch will have a "almost 2-inch display" that is 7 percent larger than the one on the 45 mm watches already on the market and would be powered by a bigger battery. (Remember that the value of 45 mm, or roughly 1.77 inches, refers to the watch's case size, not its screen size.) Gurman has previously predicted a possibly robust Apple Watch, but this time the forecast is a little different. He has previously claimed that Apple could make its Watch more durable by giving it a rubberized casing, known internally as the "Explorer Edition." He now claims that a watch with a "strong metal substance rather than aluminum" and a "more shatter-resistant screen" is in the works. It may be argued that Apple already produces watches with more robust materials and displays; their stainless steel and titanium versions, for example, have "Sapphire crystal displays" as opposed to the "Ion-X glass" found on the less priced aluminum models. But based on what I've heard from owners of the stainless steel edition watches, those timepieces are obviously more geared toward those who are more interested in fashion than trail-bombing or rock climbing. This is because the shiny finish is quite easy to scratch. Gurman predicts that the extreme sports version would cost more than $699, which is the starting price of the current stainless steel model, even if it may not appear as opulent as Apple's pricier watches. That is typical for tough smartwatches; Garmin, for instance, sells its Epix 2 for roughly $900, while its Fenix 7S variants start at $700. However, unlike most modern Apple Watches, it and comparable sports watches from manufacturers like Polar or Coros may operate for days or even weeks on a single battery. Additionally, some Garmin watches have more sophisticated GPS features than the current line of wearables from Apple. Additionally, according to Bloomberg, Apple is developing a new version of the Apple Watch SE, a less expensive gadget that was introduced in 2020. Although it's not really surprising, it's still good to know. Apple's entry-level watch, the $199 Series 3, has been significantly out of date for a number of years, but the company continues to sell it even though watchOS 5 won't support it. Apple may have the chance to address the problematic pricing scenario at the bottom end of its watch lineup by announcing a new SE. According to the rumor, the future Series 8 models, the SE, and the rugged watch will all make use of a new CPU that will function similarly to this year's chip. Additionally, sensors to take your temperature are anticipated to be included.
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