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To Save Storage Space, Apple Podcasts will Manage Episode Downloads

Podcasters will also Find it Easier to Distribute Their Episodes.

Apple is boosting Podcasts, which will benefit both listeners and podcasters. According to TechCrunch, the upcoming iOS 15.5, iPadOS 15.5 and macOS 12.4 updates will finally provide you a number of comprehensive features for limiting podcast storage across all of your devices. You can tell the Podcasts app to only download a specific number of recent episodes, those released within a specific interval (such as a week or month), or only new episodes. You can also completely disable downloads, which is useful if you have a small-capacity iPhone and need every GB you can get. The new OS upgrades will also allow you to subscribe to paid podcasts on an annual basis. You'll also be able to search for shows by season and filter episodes by status. You may also notice more podcasts. Apple has announced plans for a "Delegated Delivery" feature that will allow producers to transmit both free and premium shows to podcasts via third-party services such as Acast, Libsyn, and Omny Studio. Producers should find it much easier to distribute their shows across platforms as a result of the shift, since they will be able to make a series available on podcasts, Spotify, and other major platforms while managing material in one spot. Delegated Delivery will be available this autumn and will be free for all creators, regardless of whether or not they are members of the Apple Podcasters Program. To publish compensated content, they'll merely need to join that program. Apple's program is a direct answer to Spotify's Anchor, and it should boost the chances that your favorite show will be available through your preferred listening app. To switch from a monthly to an annual subscription, go to Listen Now > Account > Manage Subscriptions in the Apple Podcasts app, then select your favorite program and upgrade to a 12-month plan. On a per-podcast basis, changes can be made. The selector also shows how much money listeners can save if they subscribe for a year (if lower than the monthly alternative). Check out Apple's new automatic download preferences, which can be found in the iDevice Settings app. Open the Podcasts tab and tap Automatically Download to specify how many episodes should be stored for offline viewing: a certain number per show, all recent episodes, all fresh episodes, or none. Individual shows can be customized by touching "..." on a program page, going to Settings, and selecting Automatically Downloaded as a preference. Delegated Delivery(Opens in a new window) is a new option for podcast makers that seeks to save time and energy by allowing authorized platforms to publish free and premium episodes to Apple Podcasts on their behalf. Creators may use the dashboards of their favorite hosting providers to schedule the distribution of exclusive, early access, bonus, and ad-free content utilizing WAV, FLAC, and MP3 files starting this fall. Acast, ART19, Blubrry, Buzzsprout, Libsyn, Omny Studio, and are among the first partners; more will be "announced in the future."
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