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Tim Cook is Being Much More Open about Apple's Augmented Reality Headset

He advised followers to "stay tuned" for a gift.

In an interview with state-run publication China Daily, Tim Cook hinted that Apple is developing an augmented reality, or AR, product, advising AR enthusiasts to "keep tuned and you will see what we have to offer." Unless, of course, he thinks people would truly be thrilled about using ARKit apps on their phones, it reads as a direct indication that the business is working on some form of headset, which has been rumored for years. In the video, which was shared with us by 9to5Mac, the interviewer queries Cook about what, in his opinion, makes an AR product effective. Despite the fact that AR is "in the very early innings" of its development, Cook responds that he "couldn't be more excited" about it. Cook has spoken Augmented Reality (AR) numerous times while serving as the CEO of Apple, even going so far as to call himself its "number one" supporter. He also concurred that augmented reality is "critically vital" to Apple's future, while Craig Federighi described the technology as "deep" when the company unveiled its augmented reality API. Even while it was clear from those remarks that Apple is engaged in this field, no assurances were made regarding the release of an AR device. Since years, there have been persistent rumors that Apple is developing an AR headset or perhaps a headset that combines augmented reality and virtual reality. According to the information we've acquired over that period, the design process has been tumultuous. The computer that powers the headgear is currently assumed to be incorporated into the device, making it a self-contained unit. Analysis According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the chip in the headgear will be just as potent as those found in Macs. According to recent sources, the headset is almost ready. According to Bloomberg, development on the device's operating system, dubbed Reality OS, has accelerated. The board of directors was given a chance to test the hardware last month. Despite this, Cook's statement does not necessarily indicate that Apple's headgear is imminent. Apple made it clear that a Mac Pro announcement would be made in March. That led many people, including me, to believe that it would appear at WWDC in June. But Apple failed to demonstrate its most advanced device at the keynote. What I'm trying to convey is that even while Apple appears to be disclosing a little more about the goods it has in the works, it's still keeping us in the dark.
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