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This Weekend, Apple Music will debut a BTS Show

The K-pop megastars' journey will be chronicled in this limited series.

Following the release of BTS dancing workouts on Fitness+, Apple has teamed up with the all-conquering K-pop group once again. BTS's background will be explored in a three-part Apple Music series. According to the Associated Press, the first episode of BTS Radio: Past & Present will broadcast on Apple Music 1 on May 28th at 9 a.m. ET. The last two episodes will be released weekly. The guys of BTS will take listeners on a journey to becoming superstars during the show. "One of the septet members, RM, remarked, "We wanted to share the BTS songs that help express our story." The series will premiere just in time for the release of BTS' first anthology/best-of album, Proof, on June 10th, as well as the group's ninth anniversary three days later. Following an increase in complaints of anti-Asian discrimination and hate crimes, BTS will visit the White House next week to discuss Asian inclusion and representation with President Biden. K-pop group Beginning May 28, BTS will host their own three-episode Apple Music 1 radio show, with new episodes appearing weekly. The first episode will air at 6 a.m. PDT. BTS Radio: Past & Present will be the name of the broadcast. According to ABC News, the band will "guide fans on a journey to prominence while sharing stories and songs that influenced them." "We wanted to use this radio program to commemorate nine years of BTS with you guys and our ARMY all around the world," RM, who is part of the seven-member boy band that also includes J-Hope, Suga, Jungkook, V, Jin, and Jimin, added. RM says, "Every episode is dedicated to you." "We also wanted to offer the BTS songs that assist tell our journey," said the group. The band will chose some of their fans' favorite songs for the first episode, which will look at the music that influenced their unique style. The final episode will delve deeper into how the band broke out of the K-pop industry and gained international success. Apple Music continues to take use of its relationships with labels and artists to bring you exclusive content like this. It recently hosted a special live performance featuring Harry Styles and his new album, and Apple Music collaborations with high-profile musicians are far from uncommon.
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