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This Summer, Core, a User-Friendly Game Design Tool, will be Available on iOS and Mac

The Tool allows you to create Unreal Engine Games.

Core, a free PC-based program that lets you build and play games using Unreal Engine, is coming to iOS and Mac this summer, according to creator Manticore Games. The app is now only available on the Epic Games Store for Windows, so the transfer to Apple's platforms might be a huge step forward for Core. According to a press release, Core's one-year anniversary of availability on the Epic Games Store (where it is in Early Access) is this Friday, and there are currently over 50,000 playable "games, worlds, and events" to check out. Crossplay between the iOS, macOS, and Windows versions of Core will be enabled, and developers who want to get a head start on optimising their experiences for mobile can start working with a "suite" of iOS optimization tools on Friday. Manticore Games has announced that Core, its metaverse platform, would be coming to iOS on its first anniversary. Party Portals, a collection of games designed in Core that allow users to host their own events and gaming nights, is also being released. In its first year, Core attracted over 3 million users, with 30,000 artists launching 50,000 interactive games and events, according to Manticore. Party Portals makes it easier for everyone to organize their own events by including minigames like bowling and poker. Meta stated just this week that it's working on web and mobile versions of Horizon Worlds, which is now only available on its Quest VR headsets. Core isn't the only metaverse-y software making the transition to other platforms. Roblox, which is already available on PC, Mac, mobile, Xbox, and other platforms, is hiring a PlayStation engineer, implying that the massively popular game will ultimately make its way to Sony's consoles. "The Core Metaverse is an open virtual social environment of self expression, innovation, and new economic prospects," Manticore CEO Frederic Descamps said in a statement. We provide tools for our amazing community of over 3 million users to build, share, and experience any environment they can envision. As we get ready to release Core to millions of iOS and Mac users this summer, we're growing the platform by delivering additional sorts of highly accessible social experiences, such as Party Portals, and more later this year." In the recent year, Core has hosted various virtual events, including a DeadMau5 concert and Geoff Keighley's Axial Tilt. Crossplay with PC and Mac will be possible on the iOS version of the platform.
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