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There are Difficulties with Apple Music and the App Store. (Updated)

According to Apple's status page, the service outages affect all customers.

According to Apple's System Status website, the company's products are now experiencing two difficulties. A problem with the App Store is affecting all users. Two of them have been confirmed by 9to5Mac: the app crashing and/or failing to display privacy labels for apps, while the other is a problem with Apple Music. Since 8:41 a.m. PDT, Apple has recognized the problems, while 9to5Mac readers have experienced unreliable experiences with Apple Music and the App Store since far earlier. Apple users throughout the world experienced troubles with the App Store and Apple Music for a few hours, but the company announced early Tuesday that both flaws had been fixed and the services were back on track. These difficulties were reported by website outage tracking service Downdetector, and nearly all users around the world were affected. The App Store outage mostly impacted iPad users, who had difficulty playing songs, accessing their profiles, browsing lyrics, and more on Apple Music as a result of the outage. "Thank you for raising awareness! There is a problem with the App Store right now. We're working diligently to restore access to the App Store for you "In a tweet, Apple Support stated. You're not alone if Apple Music and the App Store aren't operating as they should right now. According to Apple's status page, both services are experiencing difficulties that are affecting all customers. It claims that Apple Music subscribers may be experiencing some occasional difficulties, including the inability to access song lyrics. Apple just states that users "may be encountering an issue" with the App Store. Although Down Detector customers began reporting App Store issues at 9 a.m. ET, the firm hasn't offered any additional information. The issues with Apple Music and the App Store come after an issue with Apple Pay on Sunday. Interac cardholders were unable to make purchases with Apple Pay for slightly over 40 minutes. They couldn't add, suspend, or remove a card either. Apple has officially stated that the Music and App Store difficulties have been rectified, albeit it did not specify what went wrong. For a few hours, users of the App Store and Apple Music experienced sporadic difficulties. Apple Music had issues with missing lyric information, Dolby Atmos, and lossless audio from songs, according to Reddit users. Apple's Privacy Labels weren't showing up on many App Store listings, according to 9to5Mac. Some users reported that logging in and out fixed the lost lossless audio features but not the lyrics. Both Apple services are now operational.
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