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The Upcoming Entry-Level iPad from Apple might not include a Headphone Jack

Reported CAD renders display a significant makeover.

All of Apple's iPhone models, including the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini, no longer include a headphone jack. And now, the business is ready to do away with it entirely from the iPad; 3.5mm connectors are reportedly about to disappear from that device as well, according to rumored renders of a forthcoming makeover of the entry-level model. Neither the top nor the bottom of the gadget include it.

According to MySmartPrice, a case manufacturer developing accessories for the upcoming 10th-generation iPad is the source of the CAD renderings.

It's a significant makeover from the traditional iPad style that has essentially remained unchanged for years; in 2017 Apple upped the display size somewhat and made other internal hardware improvements, but the general design remained the same.

The new iPad, which shares the same flat-sides design as current iPhones, iPads, the 14-inch/16-inch MacBook Pro, and the 2022 MacBook Air, suggests that's about to change. Both MacRumors and 9to5Mac covered the renders. But as always, proceed with caution when seeing these easily fabricated photos.

The large bezels above and below the display are still there, along with the home button. According to MySmartPrice, the screen should be larger than the 10.2-inch model that is currently available, and the iPad's back has a modified camera that is similar to the iPhone X's camera module. A USB-C port on the next iPad would complete the switch for Apple's tablet lineup.

Since only the iPad Pro currently has four speakers, if these pictures come to pass, the entry-level iPad would be surpassing both the iPad Air and Mini in terms of music quality. However, these renders also contain quad speakers, which is where I start to have my doubts about what we're seeing.

That seems improbable to me, but it might also be Apple's explanation for removing the headphone jack from a product that is commonly used in classrooms and other settings where the ability to use inexpensive wired headphones has been important. A part of me hopes that what we're seeing is inaccurate, at least for this component of the design, as this is a choice that would not sit well with many instructors and parents. But if it is, you would be able to fall back on a USB-C to 3.5mm adaptor.

Although it's uncertain whether a new design would also come with a greater starting price than the current $329, the 10th-generation iPad is anticipated to be unveiled this fall. Will Apple discontinue the 3.5mm connector on its entry-level iPad, leaving Macs as the only piece of gear currently sporting it? In the coming few months, we should learn more.

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