The Third Season of Mythic Quest parodies Apple's Think Different advertising

There are many jokes regarding the metaverse, game to movie conversions, and even Apple.

The third season of Mythic Quest, a comedy series on Apple TV Plus about the industry, premiered its trailer on Tuesday. As with previous seasons, it appears to address many of the major issues facing the industry today, including the challenge of translating playable experiences into movies, dealing with enormous egos, and the metaverse. The season will mostly centre on Ian (Rob McElhenney) and Poppy's (Charlotte Nicdao) brand-new studio, David (David Hornsby) assuming his position as studio head at the named Mythic Quest studio, and Brad (Danny Pudi) returning from jail—possibly learning or engaging in malicious activity.

A character mentions not having a phone for months, which is virtually unfathomable in a world when everyone else is using the most recent iPhone, Apple displays, and AirPods Max... presumably while using a PC. The intro makes a reference to the iconic "Think Different" campaign. (That's expected of a game developer, but if you're not 100% committed to Apple, you definitely have better headphone options.)

There is also a metaverse reference, as you could anticipate from a show about a group of individuals who are completely consumed with gaming and generating money. Tim Cook has expressed scepticism about how much time people will truly want to spend in virtual reality, but if Mark Zuckerberg is to be believed, his business and Apple are engaged in a battle for the very soul of the future that virtual reality will power.

To be completely honest, this trailer was my introduction to the Mythic Quest universe. I got quite a few laughs out of the experience even though I had to use Wikipedia to figure out who any of the characters were, so I think I'll have to watch the first few seasons. There seems to be a lot to look forward to; one of my coworkers suggested beginning with the pandemic episode (which reportedly has an intriguing behind-the-scenes tale). Season 3 is starting on November 11, so I have at least a little time to catch up.

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