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The Studio Display's Underperforming Webcam will be Fixed by Apple

Image Quality Problems should be Addressed in a Future Release.

Despite the fact that Apple's new Studio Display is about to go on sale, multiple news outlets have reported problems with the large display's built-in webcam.

The new 27-inch monitor from Apple starts at $1,599 (£1,499 / AU$2,499) and is designed to work alongside the company's new Mac Studio for creative professionals. The Studio Display comes with a 12MP Ultra Wide camera with a 122° field of vision, in addition to its 5K Retina display and high-fidelity six-speaker audio system.

Despite some publications' complaints about the Studio Display, our own Matt Hanson stated the webcam captured clean images and the device's Center Stage feature did a decent job of keeping you in the shot as you moved around. Apple's Studio Display was also tested in an office with abundant of natural light, which may have resulted in better results.

Regardless, Apple is now aware of the issue that some reviewers have reported, and a company spokesperson informed TechCrunch that the camera's performance will be addressed in a future update.

For certain creative professionals, the Mac Studio is a great machine, but the Studio Display needs some work. According to TechCrunch and The Wall Street Journal, Apple will update the Studio Display via software to fix a problem with the webcam that isn't "behaving as planned." The corporation gave no time frame for the remedy.

The Studio Display webcam's image quality is mediocre, according to TechCrunch, The Journal, and others, with grainy, washed-out footage even in good illumination. The auto-framing in Center Stage helps to hide the problem, but it doesn't solve it.

Given the great quality of the 2021 MacBook Pro's camera and the inclusion of an A13 chip designed to analyze webcam imagery, the issue appears strange. Apple has the know-how and resources to create a stunning image.

The performance detracts from a respectable monitor with good (if not extraordinary) images and reasonably loud speakers. If the Studio Display's webcam is important to you, it's safe to say you'll want to hold off until the update arrives. If you're going to spend $1,599 on a monitor, you'll want to know that all of its functions are fully functional.

If you're a creative worker considering purchasing Apple's Studio Display, there's one more thing to consider. The monitor comes with a tilt adjustable stand, a tilt and height adjustable stand, and only a VESA mount adapter if you wish to use your own stand or monitor arm. Apple's stands and mount adapter, on the other hand, are not interchangeable because they are built in. This implies that if you wish to change your setup in the future, you'll have to purchase a new Studio Display.

Although Apple's tilt and height adjustable stands are attractive and will complement the Mac Studio or even the Mac Mini, if you want more freedom, you should choose for the VESA mount option instead.

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