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The Next Mixed Reality Headset from Apple is said to run 'xrOS'

According to earlier accounts, it went by the name "RealityOS."

The next mixed reality headset runs on xrOS

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple has internally altered the name of the software that goes along with their future mixed reality headset from "realityOS" to "xrOS." Since "XR" stands for extended reality and the headset is anticipated to have both augmented and virtual reality characteristics, as the article points out, the new acronym more accurately describes the software's capabilities.

In addition to the internal name change, Gurman claims that a fictitious company called Deep Dive LLC has registered the trademark "xrOS" in the US as well as in other nations, such as those in Asia, the European Union, the UK, Australia, Mexico, Ukraine, Japan, and Canada.

Deep Dive claimed in its trademark registration that it is seeking protection for "head-mounted displays" and other gadgets that offer "virtual reality and augmented reality experiences." Whether Apple is behind this filing is unknown.

But earlier this year, Realityo Systems LLC, a fictitious corporation, filed a patent application for "realityOS," according to Vox Media product manager Parker Ortolani. Bloomberg further stated in August that applications for "Reality One," "Reality Pro," and "Reality Processor" were submitted by yet another shell firm using a different name.

This most recent name change might be a sign that Apple is finalizing the project's specifications in preparation for its impending release. According to Gurman, Apple intends to launch the headset, its own operating system, and its app store sometime in 2019. The device will reportedly include virtual versions of the company's apps, including as Messages, FaceTime, and Maps, and use iris scanning for app purchases and sign-ins, according to prior reports. Recent job postings by Apple also suggest that the tech behemoth is developing a rival to Facebook's metaverse: a 3D mixed reality environment.

However, it is unknown if the operating system for the Apple headset will ultimately be called 'xrOS'. According to a previous claim, the headset will reportedly be on sale early in the following year and be accessible by WWDC 2023. The headset is anticipated to compete with recent launches like Meta's Quest Pro.

It is anticipated that the device would have Mac-level processing capability and could have two processors. It's probable that it will support apps and perhaps include updated versions of Apple products like Messages and Maps. In addition to other things, there might be new VR experiences, apps, and games (even for FaceTime and other items). It is anticipated that the offering will be costly.

More information regarding Apple's long-rumored mixed reality headset may be found here. One thing to keep in mind is that we have yet to receive accurate information regarding the device, but since the launch is scheduled for 2023, we may soon start receiving official specifics.

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