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The iPhone 14 Activation Bug is Fixed with an iOS Update

Initially, a problem prevented consumers from configuring their iPhone 14 through Wi-Fi.

You are not the only one who has had problems configuring your new iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro. When trying to activate devices on open Wi-Fi networks, the business has reportedly sent a memo stating that it is a known issue with iOS 16.

Fortunately, Apple has already offered a fix with its iOS 16.0.1 release. Owners of the new iPhone should no longer experience any activation or migration issues according to the most recent update, which is only available for the iPhone 14 series. However, in order to fully fix the problem, users might need to upgrade and restore their phones using a Mac or PC.

In September, the iOS 16 upgrade became available for the iPhone 8 and newer, altering almost all of the apps and screens. A thorough redesign of the lock screen, allowing you to install widgets to access critical information without unlocking your phone, is one of the more noticeable updates discussed in our in-depth iOS 16 review. This feature contains newly introduced Apple widgets that enable you to keep track of your fitness routines, such as steps taken or how much water you've consumed.

Overall, the most recent iOS upgrade has taken some commendable steps in the right direction, but there are undoubtedly still some problems. The first beta for iOS 16.1 was released earlier this week, and it updated Apple's new Dynamic Island included with the iPhone 14 Pros so that it can be accessed more easily when using Reachability. It also added a battery percentage indicator to some iPhone models that didn't have one before (like the iPhone Minis).

This Friday's new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models will ship with an earlier version of iOS 16 than the 20A362 variant of iOS 16 that Apple made available to all users on September 12.

However, buyers will be requested to download and install the new iOS 16.0.1 update with the build number 20A371 as soon as they configure their device, according to 9to5Mac.

The day-one software update iOS 16.0.1 includes significant fixes for problems that could interfere with the activation and migration of new iPhones, stop enterprise single sign-on apps from authenticating, and disrupt zooming in Photos.

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