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The iPhone 13 may not come with Built-in Noise Cancelling

On Previous iPhones, it's been a Long-Standing Accessibility Feature.

People on the Apple Support Forum and Reddit have been startled to hear that the iPhone 13 series supports noise cancelling during phone calls during the last few months. The iPhone 13 series includes the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max, for example. Previously, the feature could be found under Settings in the Audio/Visual portion of the Accessibility menu.

Call Noise Cancellation, which has been accessible on previous iPhones for over a decade, is not available on the iPhone 13 series, according to Apple Support. The accessibility feature that minimizes ambient noise on phone calls when you hold the receiver to your ear is no longer supported on the iPhone 13 series, according to a recent 9to5Mac report.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple's Noise Cancellation accessibility function, which has been a hallmark on previous iPhones, may have been permanently deleted from the iPhone 13 series. The function is intended to "reduce ambient noise on phone calls when you are holding the receiver to your ear," making it easier to hear calls.

Phone Noise Cancellation is not available on iPhone 13 models, according to Apple support, which informed one of 9to5Mac's readers. This is why this option isn't included in the options. When the reader asked about the functionality, the support team said that it was "not supported."

Shortly after the phone went on sale, questions about noise cancellation popped up on Reddit and Apple support pages, with readers discovering that feature was no longer available on the Accessibility page. The feature is still available on previous iPhone models with iOS 15, but not on the iPhone 13.

Noise Cancellation works by detecting and removing ambient noise from around you using the iPhone's camera microphone, allowing you to hear the other person on a phone or FaceTime call more clearly something that can be very useful for the deaf.

The problem only occurs if you use the phone without any noise-canceling earbuds, such as Apple's AirPods. (It has no effect on what others hear; Apple's Voice Isolation function was added with iOS 15.)

Apple has yet to confirm that the feature has been permanently deleted from iPhone 13 devices; thus far, Apple Support has been the sole source of information on the subject.

There's no explanation for why the feature was removed, which means that all phone calls will be without noise cancellation unless you have alternative gear, such as headphones with built-in noise cancellation.

Despite the fact that the phones contain the capability in the form of a multi-mic system, it's unclear why Apple's latest handsets don't support phone noise reduction.

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