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The iOS 16 Lock Screen Widget for Gmail looks fantastic, but it won't be Available Today

iPhone lock screen widgets for Google Maps, News, and Chrome will also be available.

With the release of iOS 16, Google has unveiled a number of new lock screen widgets for the iPhone, including one for Gmail. The most noticeable change to iOS in this most recent update is an updated lock screen (even if Android users are already familiar with it). Google's top apps will support it, but you'll have to wait a little longer.

While some developers are releasing updates to their apps today that include new widgets, Google states that these will be available "in the coming weeks," so in the interim, we'll take you through the showcase.

The Gmail lock screen widget offers a variety of displays with straightforward, to-the-point updates that draw data from your email. Another view is a bar that can show comprehensive counts for particular sections, including unread messages, promotions, social, unread Google Chat conversations, or a simple bar with the date and quantity of new messages. One view is circular and simply displays the amount of new / unread messages in your inbox.

For Google Maps, the widget may instantly reveal ETAs for locations it anticipates you'll need to visit, along with information on nearby public transportation and location reminders. Additionally, it offers single-tap shortcuts that might display nearby dining establishments, malls, coffee shops, and motels for you.

One-tap widget buttons on the Google search page can also launch a search box, prepare your phone for camera search, switch to voice search, or open directly to services like Google Translate, Google Shopping, and Google Scholar.

There are also a number of widgets for Google Chrome that allow you to launch the browser, use voice search, open an Incognito tab immediately, or launch the dinosaur game. While Google News offers a widget to compete with Apple's own News app, offering you a preview of a headline and story, Google Drive can give you access to starred folders with one click and also inform you when a folder or document has been shared with you.

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