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The iOS 16 Haptic Keyboard Feedback Feature may Reduce Battery Life

Negative Vibrations

With the addition of a feature in iOS 16, you may now enable haptic feedback when typing. As a result, every time you hit a key on the iPhone's virtual keyboard, a little vibration will be felt under your fingertips. But turning on the haptic feedback could reduce the battery life of your iPhone, according to a recent support page from Apple (via 9to5Mac).

The message on the support page merely warns that "turning on keyboard haptics can decrease the battery life of your iPhone," not how much the setting might alter your battery expectancy. Although I don't think the haptics use up a lot of life, if you're trying to conserve as much as you can, turning off the haptics might be a setting you can change to obtain a bit more juice.

I personally don't like the iPhone's keyboard haptics because I can hardly feel them on my iPhone 12 Mini. As a result, I'm planning to keep them off, and I can now use the excuse that doing so would help preserve my phone's meagre battery life. It might just be a thing, though, as many others at The Verge are major lovers of the haptic feedback. Check out our instructions on how to activate keyboard haptics if you want to give them a try, but be aware that doing so could drain your battery.

The little caution that reads, "Turning on keyboard haptics can reduce the battery life of your iPhone" is included at the bottom of Apple's public support document that explains how to enable haptic and noisesfor the iPhone keyboard. I believe that this is generally accepted. The battery will likely suffer if you use Apple's Taptic Engine, which generates the vibrating effects for your phone, more frequently. Apple, of course, is unable to provide an exact figure for battery life, but let's just use common sense to assume that the more haptics you use, the more probable it is that you will experience the effects.

You can easily turn the feature off if you want to get the most out of your battery life. If you've been using an iPhone up to this point, you're simply returning to the practices that prevailed before the iOS 16 release. Of course, there's always a chance that Apple will increase the iPhone's battery life, enabling you to use the haptic keyboard once more.

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