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The Apple Watch is ready to become Apple's Next Big Thing

Nothing can kill the iPhone, but the Apple Watch is ready for the limelight

It is still no contest that the iPhone is Apple's most significant offering. Don't be sidetracked by all the individuals who are longing for a car, speculating about the design of Apple's augmented reality headset, proclaiming the iPad to be the computer of the future, or wishing Apple would just produce a TV immediately. The majority of Apple's revenue is still generated by the iPhone, and even more of it is generated by iPhone customers who also pay for iCloud and Apple TV Plus and purchase accessories like cases, cables, headphones, and smartwatches. For more than a decade, Apple has been known as The iPhone Company, and that won't be changing any time soon.

When Apple performs its annual fall product showcase on Wednesday, the iPhone might not be the main attraction. The iPhone is a fantastic but totally mature device, and its most ground-breaking advancements may have already occurred. We are anticipating new iPhones, including the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max, but they appear to be the latest in a long line of somewhat better iPhones.

The most significant device category Apple will discuss this week is the Apple Watch, and it appears that Apple is getting ready to introduce up to three new smartwatch models, including an Apple Watch Pro that is bigger (apparently much bigger), more powerful, and more useful than any previous watch versions. In the process, it could also begin to establish the watch as the next great Apple product.

Seven years after its first release, Apple has successfully marketed the watch as an iPhone accessory. Because we won't all be receiving Apple headsets any time soon, and good luck waiting for that automobile to finally ship, the watch might be more, and Apple needs to finally make it happen. The watch gives Apple an opportunity to have the next great thing that is already here as the smartphone market continues to mature, people keep their phones longer, and they become more ingrained in their ecosystems. The Smartwatch is a thing of the past, but the age of the wrist computer may only be beginning.

Apple had lofty initial expectations for the Apple Watch, perhaps even too high. The company envisioned it as essentially a more human-like iPhone. You don't need to repeatedly take it out of your pocket because it is on your wrist. It contains biometric sensors that let you and the gadget know how you're feeling physically at any given time. It uses Siri to complete most easy tasks. Combining such elements would result in a device that could serve as a digital companion to improve your life rather than a large blinking screen that seeks to suffocate you.

Since that time, the watch has mostly evolved into a fitness and health tool. That has happened to almost every other smartwatch as well. And Apple's is a great one: the claims made regarding life-saving fall detection or heart rate alerts are true, and the Fitness Plus ecosystem has developed into one of the greatest starter training equipment on the market.

Apple is still concentrating on its strengths. The next smartwatches will supposedly contain body temperature sensors, and Apple’s thought to be working on diabetes monitoring as well. According to all indications, the Watch Pro will be a potent multisport fitness toolthat will compete with Polar and Garmin thanks to a more durable design and higher-end construction. Health and fitness remain to be the motivation behind the gadgets, according to what is known about watchOS 9, the new operating system that will power these new smartwatches. Apple is enhancing its heart rate and medication tracking, tracking more sleep, and providing athletes with more precise controls and data. The watch is still a fitness tracker.

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