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Patent Litigation between Apple and Koss has been Resolved

Just before the trial, the two were at peace.

Just before trial, Apple and Koss decided to discontinue their legal dispute over wireless headphone patents. As reported by Reuters, the two informed a federal court in Waco, Texas on Saturday that they had settled Koss' claims that Apple had violated patents for wireless audio technology. Koss had accused Apple of doing so. The settlement's specific terms haven't been made public, but the two businesses said they reached an agreement on "all items in controversy." Today was the trial's scheduled start date.

In 2020, Koss accused wireless earbuds and headphones like AirPods of stealing technology from the Striva range of WiFi audio products and sued Apple, Bose, JLab, Plantronics, and Skullcandy.

Koss claimed in its complaint that competitors were "coming up" to its pioneering work and required payment. Koss countersued, claiming that Apple's claims infringed on its patents.

Bose, Skullcandy, and other companies are still targets of lawsuits. There is little doubt that Apple and Koss were anxious to avoid a courtroom battle, even though it is unclear if those cases will proceed in light of this deal. After reaching out to Apple and Koss for comments, we will update this article.

Koss notified Apple of numerous of its patents it was violating after the firm entered the truly wireless earbuds market with the AirPods. Koss claims it met with Apple for the first time in 2017 and then four more times to discuss patent infringement. On Monday, the case's trial was scheduled to start, but both businesses informed the federal court that any claims of infringement had been settled.

On the same day, U.S. District Judge Alan Albright dismissed the lawsuit with prejudice, making it impossible for it to be refiled. Koss and Apple withheld any information about the settlement. Following the emergence of the genuine wireless earbuds industry, Koss pursued rivals outside Apple. Koss has also filed lawsuits against Bose and Skullcandy, which are currently proceeding in various courts.

In July 2020, the case was brought against Apple over its Beats headphones and AirPod earphones. According to the document, Koss started working on a wireless earbud product in the early 2000s. However, because of the economy after 2008, its genuine wireless earphones were never made available to consumers.

Unfortunately, Koss's market position's economic realities prevented it from realising its ambition for a product based on Striva. Koss's supply network and client base were particularly affected by international events in the late 2000s and the early 2010s, according to the filing.

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