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On June 20, Apple Camp Creative Classes will Resume In Person

For the creative classes, the business is introducing a new format.

In-person Due to the pandemic, Apple Camp creative workshops for youngsters were put on pause for the past two years. However, now that it is safe to congregate, Apple is bringing them back. Between June 20 and August 31st, the business will host in-store events all across the world, and it will debut a new, two-hour format designed for families. Children between the ages of 8 and 12 will be guided by staff members in a comic book production session where they will use an iPad Pro to draw, take pictures outside, and otherwise tell a story about preserving the environment. If you'd prefer to stay at home, you still have options. An Apple Camp "Field Guide" featuring 20 iPad-focused activities for kids is available for download. These activities include making a podcast, inventing a maze, and utilizing coding to create an Earth-saving gadget. Apple has been progressively resuming pre-pandemic operations at its retail locations. In February, several US stores stopped requiring masks, and in March, Today at Apple programs were once again offered. The retail crew is clearly prepared to resume (relative) normal operations, in contrast to certain corporate personnel who are still willing to work remotely. From June 20 through August 31 every week, a new two-hour format for families will be offered at Apple Camp. Through the "Art Lab: Comic Book Adventure With Your Family" session at Apple Camp, participants will be able to produce a digital comic book that celebrates and protects the environment. Deirdre O'Brien, Apple's senior vice president of Retail + People, said, "We can't wait for campers and their families to ignite their imaginations as they learn from our team members and one other during Apple Camp." "For the past 20 years, this exceptional program has given our stores around the world a place for connection and learning, and we're happy to be hosting these events once more." The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil will be used by Apple Camp attendees to snap images and edit them with speech bubbles, stickers, and drawings to create original stories. Apple created Apple Camp for kids between the ages of 8 and 12, allowing them to join with their parents or legal guardians. Sessions will be offered both indoors and outside, and equipment is supplied. Apple offers 20 iPad at-home activities in a Camp Field Guide that can be downloaded in addition to the in-person sessions.
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