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Next Week, there will be Additional Advertisements in the Apple App Store

On October 25, "Today" tab advertising start to appear.

Get ready to see more advertising the next time you want to download an app for your iPhone. According to an email obtained by MacRumors, Apple will start introducing two further ad types to the App Store on October 25. The business intends to start selling ad space within the "Today" tab and at the bottom of individual app listings in all nations outside of China. When they do, the adverts will have a blue backdrop symbol to set them apart from other suggestions.

While Apple has been selling search advertisements via the App Store since 2016, the Today tab was previously only used for editorial staff picks.

According to the company's support page, "With a Today tab ad, your app can feature prominently on the top page of the App Store - making it some of the first material users view when they begin their App Store visit."

In July, Apple first disclosed that the Today tab would now have advertisements. The corporation is making a larger effort to grow its advertising business, which includes the expansion. In a recent article for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman stated that the company's goal for the coming several years is to almost triple its advertising revenue to $10 billion yearly. The business apparently intends to soon add search ads to Maps in addition to more App Store advertisements.

This placement's prominence makes it a perfect choice to raise awareness of your app, particularly for the launch of new content, special occasions, and seasonal promotions. Additionally, there will be advertisements on the product app pages in the "You May Also Like" area that appears at the bottom of each program listing on the App Store.

The business continued, "Product pages — while browsing advertisements enable you reach individuals while they browse apps on relevant pages across the App Store, regardless of whether their trip started on the App Store or from an outside link."

Advertisements are displayed at the top of the You Might Also Like list once interested consumers have scrolled to the bottom of relevant product pages. Additionally, developers will be able to advertise their apps on the app pages of their competitors thanks to the "You May Also Like" area. It said that in order to be utilized for advertising, "your custom product page will need to be approved by Apple Search Ads after it has been approved in App Store Connect."

To distinguish them from other recommendations, the two newly introduced advertisement categories will feature a "Ad" icon with a blue background. Apple will start providing four alternative ad placements in the App Store on October 25, 2022: the Today tab, the "Suggested" part of the Search tab, keyword-based search results, and Product pages (while browsing).

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