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More Control over Live Sports is provided by Apple's Most Recent iOS and macOS Upgrades

Updates are available for watchOS, tvOS, and iPadOS as well

Apple is reducing the prominence of the iMessage edit and unsend options in iOS 16. The fourth developer betas of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura have been made availableby the business. They have a five-edit limit per message during the allotted 15 minutes and a two-minute unsend window. A message's modification history can also be seen by tapping it; previously, you would simply receive a notice that it had been edited.

The business gave no explanation for its choice. Apple has been asked if it will explain its position. AppleInsider pointed out the abuse risks associated with the earlier strategy, though. A message could be altered to make it seem as though you consented to something.

Alternately, they can annoy you by sending you messages that stick around long enough to be noticed but vanish before you can gather any proof.

Disabling iMessage will always stop edits and unsends from happening. That limits communication to SMS texts, which do not offer those functions. Apple's actions won't totally stop harassment, but they may make you feel more comfortable using iMessage without worrying that someone may easily slant your communications.

The fourth developer beta of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and MacOS Ventura were all issued by Apple on Wednesday. For the future software updates that will be formally published for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac later this fall, the updates continue to enhance overall stability and improve the user experience.

Apple made some significant adjustments to the new edit and delete capability in its Messages app in beta four. Users have 15 minutes to make adjustments once Apple first made it possible to alter sent messages. Although the message would be tagged as altered, there was no change log to show what had been changed.

Another modification introduced in beta 4 is a 15-minute limit on how long a user can remove a sent message being reduced to two minutes. In other words, you only have two minutes to remove a message after you sent it. After that, you have until the fifteen-minute mark to make changes. After that, nothing changes with the message.

The Live Activities API, which developers may include into apps, is also part of the most recent developer beta. Real-time information can be displayed on the lock screen thanks to the API. Sports results, delivery status updates, and even weather updates are a few examples of potential use cases.

Last but not least, the updates to the Mail app's new Undo Send and Follow Up features are included in the Wednesday update. Users can now choose to disable either functionality.

If you want to use the newest features on your iPhone before they are officially released, you may sign up to participate in the public beta program, which normally gets the developer update a day or two later.

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