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MLB's Friday Night Baseball is Now Available on Apple TV+

Two Exclusive Games will be streamed twice a week on the Platform.

Apple announced Tuesday that Apple TV Plus will broadcast two live baseball games on Friday nights, as well as pre- and post-game shows, a nightly live highlights program, and a new 24/7 feed of baseball-related material. When the MLB season begins, the games will be the first live sports on Apple's $5-a-month subscription streaming service since it started in late 2019. Apple TV Plus had previously limited itself to on-demand original shows and movies.

Friday night baseball would be available "for a limited time" without a membership, according to Apple. Apple did not respond to a request for more information. Apple TV Plus already provides free access to the premiere episodes of dozens of its original programs, but users must log up with an Apple ID to access them.

Live sports will be available on Apple TV+ for the first time. During its Peek Performance event today, Apple announced that it will broadcast Friday Night Baseball. When Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association reach an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement, Apple will show two games per week exclusively on its streaming platform. You won't have to worry about local blackouts because the weekly doubleheader will be available in eight nations.

Apple will also stream MLB Big Inning, a live show that features highlights from regular season games, in the United States. Along with their Canadian counterparts, US fans will have access to a 24/7 broadcast that will include game replays, news, commentary, and more. Friday Night Baseball will be available through Apple TV+ without a subscription for a short period, according to Apple.

Apple was said to be bidding for a baseball package in January. The League had been in a lockout since the beginning of December at that point, but it didn't appear that any games would be cancelled. That was back in the day. It's now unclear whether or not a 2022 season will take place.

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