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Kickboxing, Beyoncé Routines, and more are included in Apple's Significant Fitness+ Update

New trainers, sleep meditations, and Time to Walk with Jamie Lee Curtis are also introduced.

Kickboxing, Beyoncé Routines, and more are included in Apple's Significant Fitness+ Update

The most recent Fitness+ updates from Apple are available, and it appears to be one of the biggest updates to the service since its debut in January. Kickboxing is a significant new addition as a total-body cardio exercise with sessions lasting 10, 20, and 30 minutes. It will be led by Nez Dally, the first woman to compete in Thailand while wearing a hijab, and two Fitness+ trainers, Jamie-Ray Hartshorne and Nez.

Beyoncé's inclusion in the Artist Spotlight series, which features songs from her most recent album, Renaissance, is another significant improvement. According to Apple, seven new exercises featuring her music will be accessible beginning on January 9th across cycling, dance, HIIT, Pilates, treadmill, and yoga. Additionally, Fitness+ is releasing Artist Spotlight content from Bad Bunny (January 16) and Foo Fighters (January 23rd).

New episodes of the walking motivational program Time To Walk, featuring stories from famous people like Shawn Mendes and Dolly Parton, are also on the schedule. According to Apple, Jamie Lee Curtis, an actor, is featured in the most recent walk as she "reflects on the significance of enjoying life's most unexpected moments, the transforming impact of aiding others in need, and more." Amber Ruffin, Jason Segel, José Andrés, Nina Hoss, Colman Domingo, Nathan Chen, and Sheryl Lee Ralph are further visitors who will soon be there.

Along with the previously released meditation themes of Calm, Gratitude, Resilience, and Creativity, Fitness+ is also introducing a brand-new one called Sleep. Among these is a brand-new program called "Introduction to Meditations for Sleep," which consists of four 20-minute meditations and five minutes of calming music at the end.

Two new collections for setting goals and finding inspiration are also being added. These are the workouts included in "6 Weeks to Restart Your Fitness," which will be available on January 9 and will help people get back into shape after the holidays. The other, "Level Up Your Core Training," will have dumbbell core exercises for 10 and 20 minutes on January 23.

With tracks from her most recent album, Beyoncé will be featured in the Artist Spotlight series. Later this month, The Foo Fighters and Bad Bunny will perform with her (on Jan 16 and Jan 23, respectively).

Jamie Lee Curtis' new audio stories will be featured in the fifth season of Time to Walk. Over the coming weeks, more visitors, including José Andrés of World Central Kitchen and Nathan Chen, the American 2022 figure skating champion, will emerge.

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