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Karaoke is now available on Apple Music

Even the backing voices are yours to control with Apple Music Sing.

Karaoke is now available on Apple Music

If you want to try karaoke at home, you don't need Spotify or a special app. The Sing function on Apple Music allows you to take over the singing. You can perform a duet or even fill in the background by using different lyric views in addition to adjusting the voice levels to suit what you want to yell out. Apple adds that it is now simpler to determine when to draw out a verse because the lyric views are now cued to the beat and light up gradually.

Later in December, the capability will be accessible for "tens of millions" of tracks on the new Apple TV 4K, as well as modern iPhones (iPhone 11 and later) and iPads (such as the 9th-generation model from last year). Real-time lyrics are supported on Android, however you can't change the vocal volume. As a result, Apple Music intends to release over 50 playlists of songs that have been "optimized" for the Sing feature. Be prepared if Queen and other artists' karaoke standards are included.

In June, Spotify released a karaoke option, but it had a totally different goal in mind. While Spotify's equivalent is more of a gaming experience that records your voice and ranks your performance, Apple Music Sing is clearly intended for parties. You won't need to worry if your rendition of "Islands in the Stream" requires some fine-tuning, according to Apple, who told Engadget that its function doesn't employ microphones at all.

The reason for the addition is not obscure. Apple Music may be used in group settings for various reasons outside just providing the background music for your most recent soiree thanks to Sing. It might also be used to promote the Apple TV, where music hasn't always been a top concern. This won't likely replace the karaoke machine at your favorite pub, but it might provide a passable experience on days when you'd like to remain in.

Apple Music Sing looks like the perfect chance to launch a low-cost audio product, in addition to being a brilliant method to encourage users to connect with Apple Music more frequently. Even though the iPod is no longer in production, the "Apple Microphone" should still be released. This holiday season, a cheap microphone accessory with a few free months of Apple Music would be a smashing success.

Apple won't naturally launch a completely new product line based on a feature that mostly seems like a nice addition. But if Spotify ever makes its own karaoke option widely available, its ability to integrate hardware and software is a clear advantage.

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