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It's possible that Apple Cash Virtual Debit Cards will Transition from Discover to Visa

On their Apple Cash Virtual Cards, Users have detected a Visa Logo

Just days after introducing enhanced fraud protections for Apple Pay transactions, Apple is transitioning its Apple Cash virtual debit cards to the Visa network. Updated pictures on the Apple Cash website, as well as in support documents, hint at the transition. Apple Cash cards are now Visa debit cards, so some of the graphics have been replaced. Kanjo, a Twitter user, was the first to notice the switchover, which happened on April 19. Because current cards in Wallet don't have the Visa logo, it's likely that the update hasn't yet been rolled out to all users. Existing Apple Cash customers aren't sure when their cards will be moved, but new Apple Cash accounts appear to be on the Visa network. According to a new claim from MacRumors, Apple Cash, formerly known as Apple Pay Cash, may be switching from the Discover payments network to Visa. Visa's global network is far larger than Discover's, which could explain the shift. Apple Pay Cash has had a collaboration with Green Dot Bank on Discover's network since its inception in 2017, but consumers have recently observed that Apple Cash virtual cards now have a Visa logo on them. Users can send peer-to-peer payments via iMessage using Apple Cash virtual cards, which are stored in their Apple Pay mobile wallets. They work in the same way as virtual debit cards and can be linked to a bank account or another debit card. Cash back earned by Apple Card customers can also be deposited into Apple Cash accounts. We don't know if or when this change will occur for all Apple Cash users because Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Friday. Users with Discover Apple Cash accounts, according to MacRumors, can obtain a new Apple Cash account number on the Visa network by deactivating Apple Cash in their device settings, then reactivating it. Because all new Apple Cash cards are created on the Visa network, customers can force a switch to the Visa network by deactivating and reactivating their Apple Cash card in Settings. Previously, through a cooperation with Green Dot Bank, the Apple Cash card functioned on the Discover network. Unlike Visa or MasterCard, Discover has a significantly smaller network. The network upgrade comes just a few days after Apple began secretly advising Apple Wallet users of enhanced Visa card fraud security capabilities. To ensure that transactions are not fraudulent, the new techniques involve data sharing with card networks.
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