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Is Apple's Newest Operating System called "RealityOS"?

Apple's Long-Rumored Headgear could get a new Operating System

Although Apple's long-rumored virtual or augmented reality headset isn't expected to be released until 2023, developers have discovered further references to a new "realityOS" that could power it. RealityOS was first mentioned as "rOS" by Bloomberg News in 2017, and it was also discovered in various pre-release iOS 13 builds. Developers have discovered references to realityOS in GitHub repositories and App Store upload logs, according to 9to5Mac.

"What does realityOS have to do with the App Store upload logs?" Rens Verhoeven, an iOS developer, has a question. A GitHub repo referencing realityOS indicates it "has its own OS & binaries... and has a realityOS emulator," according to fellow developer Steve Troughton-Smith. He also thinks it could be "a leftover of someone's pull request from a false account."

The Operating System is based on iOS, according to the original Bloomberg article from 2017. Apple prefers to refer to its operating systems as OS, which includes iOS, watchOS, tvOS, iPadOS, and macOS. In 2017, Apple veteran Geoff Stahl was said to be one of the directors in charge of the realityOS software division.

The fresh mentions of realityOS come just months after analyst Ming-chi Kuo predicted that Apple's first augmented reality headset will arrive later this year with "the same level of computing capacity" as an M1 Mac. Kuo also claims that the headgear will be a stand-alone platform, which would explain why it would require its own operating system.

RealityOS could be a five-year-old codename, but according to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, the OS's codename is actually "Oak," therefore realityOS could be the final name. In any case, the repeated allusions suggest it's a project that's crucial to the headset's success.

According to Bloomberg, Apple's headset may not be available until 2023, despite the fact that the company had intended to unveil it at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Apple is said to be having issues with overheating, cameras, and software, which could delay the headset's debut. However, it's possible that Apple wants to get realityOS' software development kits into the hands of developers before of its release.

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