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iPhone 15 Pro's Rumored USB4 Cable: What We Know So Far

Hey there, tech enthusiasts! πŸ“±βœ¨

There's a fresh whiff of tech gossip in the air, and this time, it's all about our beloved Apple and its upcoming iPhone 15 Pro. If you've been perched on the edge of your seat (like I have!) waiting for the next big thing, then this juicy tidbit is bound to make your day.

πŸ”Œ The Rumor Mill Churns

The ever-reliable @KosutamiSan has dropped a hint on X (that's the new-age Twitter for the uninitiated) about a potential new accessory for the iPhone 15 Pro. This isn't just any accessory - it's an optional USB4 Gen2 data transfer cable! And guess what? It's said to be based on the Thunderbolt, with a length of 0.8m. For those data enthusiasts, the USB4 Version 2.0 specification can handle a mind-boggling 80 Gbps over the USB Type-C cable and connector. That's some serious speed!

πŸ’‘ A Bit of a Mix-Up

Now, we all know that no good rumor comes without a little twist. Initially, it was said that this cable would support up to 120W of charging. But wait! @KosutamiSan corrected this to an even more impressive 150W charging. It's like a techy soap opera, and I'm here for it.

πŸ” Another Piece to the Puzzle

Just when you thought that was all, ChargerLab adds more fuel to the fire. They recently reported on a mysterious IC found on leaked images, hinting at the possible support for USB4 on the iPhone 15. Could this be the much speculated retimer chip for Thunderbolt support? Only time will tell!

πŸ”‹ Charging up the Rumors

While imagining an iPhone zipping up to 150W sounds electrifying (pun intended), insiders whisper that the iPhone 15 Pro might not fully utilize this charging mammoth. Instead, it could support a more realistic charging speed of up to 35W. Still, that's a noteworthy jump from what we have now!

Wrapping Up

Apple sure knows how to keep us on our toes, doesn't it? As with all rumors, we should take these with a pinch of salt. However, one thing's for sure - if these speculations prove true, the iPhone 15 Pro is setting the stage for a significant tech leap.

Keep your eyes peeled and your chargers ready, folks! Until next time, stay charged and stay curious.

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