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In South Korea, Apple now Permits the use of Third-Party Payment Processors by Apps

However, Apple will charge a commission of 26% for Such Transactions.

Apple said that it has begun allowing developers to utilize other payment methods for apps in South Korea. It made the change to adhere to a new rule in the country that mandates that big app shops accept alternate payment methods. However, Apple is still deducting a small fee on app transactions, despite the fee having been slightly reduced. Developers must make a unique version of their apps for the Korean App Store if they want to use methods other than Apple's exclusive payment system. Four South Korean payment providers, KCP, Inicis, Toss, and NICE, have received Apple's approval; any other suppliers must submit a request for approval via the company's developer website. Family Sharing and Ask to Buy won't be available, and Apple disclaims all liability for subscription management and refunds. After initially contesting the law, Apple finally conceded to lower its customary 30 % commission to 26 %. That effectively mirrors Google's Play Store compliance measures, which were published immediately after the rule was made public and included a 4% commission discount. Since Epic Games sued Apple for removing Fortnite from the App Store, Apple has been subject to criticism of its rules. US Senate bills that have been presented would compel Apple to permit iOS app sideloading as well as additional measures. Apple last year released a 16-page study outlining its case for maintaining a closed ecosystem. A revised bill that would prohibit app store operators from requiring developers to use their own in-app payment methods was adopted by the South Korean Cabinet in March. The amendment was a response to the Telecommunications Business Act enforcement directive, which took effect in September 2021 and became South Korea the first nation in the world to impose such restrictions on Apple's and Google's in-app billing practices. Now that Apple has pre-approved third-party service providers, developers will be able to accept payments through them.
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