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If you Develop a Fever, your Apple Watch Series 8 might be able to Tell

A newer display might also be available in some models

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the upcoming Apple Watch will purportedly have a body temperature sensor that will alert you if you're developing a fever. Even though the Series 8 won't give an exact reading, it may send you a notification asking you to visit a doctor or use a special thermometer. Gurman has mentioned the potential of a temperature sensor being a part of the Series 8 previously. In June 2021, he initially claimed that Apple was developing the functionality and predicted that it will probably be included in the company's 2022 lineup of wearables. In January, he changed his mind and told his followers that, among other things, blood temperature monitoring was still a few years away. But a few months later, he declared that if the body temperature sensor passed Apple's internal testing standards, it would be included in the Series 8. The feature is now "a go," according to Gurman, writing in the most recent issue of his Power On newsletter, for both the regular Series 8 and the frequently speculated rugged variant Apple is developing for extreme athletes. Other modifications to the Series 8 "will presumably be minor," according to Gurman. He predicts that the wearable will have the same processing capability as the Series 7 and Series 6, repeating his reporting from last week. He also notes the possibility of an upgraded display in higher-end Series 8 phones. The second-generation AirPods Pro are another gadget that supposedly won't receive many changes. According to Gurman, they will not have functions for tracking body temperature or heart rate, as some sources had stated. Although these improvements have been looked into within the firm and may come at some point, he claims, "I'm told that neither feature is not likely to arrive in the 2022 upgrade." Gurman predicts that "other hardware modifications will probably be minor" aside from the body-temperature reader and that the chip's processing capability would be comparable to that of the Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 6. He does, however, mention that a previously speculated "rugged" version for extreme athletes may also come with a brighter display. Gurman explains a few of the reasons why the Apple Watch for this year won't have any significant new features. He points out that the Watch processor will help Apple keep costs down at a time when the company is being impacted by rising inflation, the ongoing chip shortage, and manufacturing delays. He also notes that Apple's chip development team has been concentrating on the Mac chips at the expense of other areas. In the same newsletter, Gurman also addresses the dearth of new features coming to the second-generation AirPods Pro, as noted here: Expect little from the Gurman 2022 AirPods Pro.
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