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Halide's Latest Update: Supercharging the iPhone 15 Pro's Action Button!

If you, like me, love capturing those candid moments with the trusty Halide app, then boy, do I have some exciting news for you! With the latest Halide 2.13 update, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max users are in for a treat. Ready to dive into the deets?

Bring on the Action! 💥 Halide’s latest update isn't just any update—it’s a game-changer! Introducing support for the new Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro series, Halide is about to redefine your camera game. Now, apart from launching the app with the Action button, you can assign it several functions when the app is open. Isn't that cool?

What’s Fresh in Halide 2.13:

  1. Action Button & In-App Triggers: The new Action Button feature allows you to swiftly launch Halide from anywhere. But wait, there's more! Within the Halide app, the Action button becomes your magic wand:

    • Toggle between manual or autofocus
    • Cycle through all your snazzy lenses
    • Play around with auto and manual exposure modes
    • Opt between 12MP and 48MP capture modes
    • Toggle RAW capture
    • And here's the fun part: Capture a photo with the Action button! (Though, a tiny delay might make the volume button a better pic-snapping buddy!)
  2. Quick Setup & Customization: Halide's got you covered with an easy-peasy setup for the Action button. Whether you want it to launch the app directly or open a Halide shortcut menu with options like Silent mode, Camera Video, and more—it's all your call!

  3. Zero Shutter Lag: Say goodbye to those dreaded capture delays! As soon as you tap capture, your photo is taken, capturing precisely what you saw in the viewfinder. Just a heads-up, some modes like Flash Photos and Manual-Exposure don't support this feature.

  4. Responsive Capture: Ever been in a rush to snap a fleeting moment? Now, when you hit that capture button with gusto, Halide might temporarily prioritize speed over quality, ensuring you don't miss a shot. And if this ain't your jam, just toggle it off in settings!

  5. HDR Rendering: Rejoice, HDR lovers! You can now review your photos with HDR rendering directly in the app.

Wrapping It Up: Halide 2.13 is clearly not just another update—it's a photography revolution! With all these fabulous features in tow, I'm super pumped to see how you all harness the power of the new Action button and redefine your photo adventures. So, iPhone 15 Pro series users, ready to click, play, and slay?

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