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For the Apple Watch "Pro" to Stand Out, it will need a Robust Build and a Long Battery Life

A multisport watch is all-important.

The existence of a tough Apple Watch "Pro" is currently all but established. Not only have rumours about this item been circulating for more than a year, but they have recently intensified with additional information regarding its alleged specifications and features. The most recent is that the Pro might have a multiday battery life on a single charge and the most significant makeover of the Apple Watch...ever. And Apple will need both if it wants to compete with companies like Garmin and Polar.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg provided the most recent information in his most recent Power On newsletter. The Pro model, according to Gurman, will be "fair bit bigger than the standard Apple Watch," which may limit its market appeal to a "subset of buyers." The device's new appearance will also be a "evolution of the current rectangular design," he adds.

(However, lacking the flat edges that were at one time hotly rumored for the Series 7). Finally, the Pro model's longer battery life and low-power mode, along with its "super tough" use of a more resilient form of titanium, may enable it to operate for several days.

Since the release of the Series 4 in 2018, Apple hasn't made many design modifications to the Apple Watch, and even those weren't a considerable divergence from the Series 3. Apple increased the display size of the Series 4 at that time from 38mm and 42mm to 40mm and 44mm. Additionally, it replaced the red dot with a more subdued red ring on cellular models' digital crowns. Side buttons with a flatter profile have also been included in later models. Given that this has historically been considered a "redesign," the adjustments Gurman mentioned imply a more obvious visual change is on the horizon.

If Apple wants to create a multisport smartwatch that is successful, it must make a clear visual split from the past. A tough Apple Watch that performs and looks too much like the Series 8 would be confusing from a product standpoint. Additionally, the ability to upgrade to more expensive materials on base models doesn't exactly motivate people to spend more money. On the other hand, people who favor multisport watches prefer a more rustic atmosphere. This category is distinguished by its button guards, huge 47–50mm displays, and strong yet lightweight casing materials. The Pro model would feel more durable and like an Apple Watch if at least some of those features were included.

Apple should also think about using several buttons because relying entirely on the touchscreen and digital crown for an outside watch isn't a good idea. Otherwise, there isn't a compelling argument to choose the Pro over a standard Series 8 or a Garmin.

According to Gurman, the size of the Pro model may only appeal to a particular group of people, therefore it's possible that the next Apple Watch will be the biggest one yet, measuring at least 47mm. That would allow the Pro to have a far larger battery and is what "regular" Garmin and Polar watches often measure. A Pro model's ability to compete in the multisport watch market may depend less on design aesthetics and more on its multiday battery life.

Whether they are justified, complaints regarding the Apple Watch's battery date back to 2015. Outdoor athletes are the ones that are most concerned about multiday batteries. Even if watchOS 9 adds all the triathlete and running analytics it wants, it won't matter if an athlete has to stop their workout in hour five or six to recharge.

Even the prospect of your watch failing and incompletely recording your activity is sufficient justification to choose Garmin, Polar, or Coros over Apple. Carrying a charger for another gadget is even less enticing for multiday activities like camping. It's unlikely that the Pro will survive for more than 48 hours, but surviving for at least 24 hours would greatly increase the Pro's credibility.

The Apple Watch Pro is shaping up to be the most fascinating update in a while, so far. All the cutting-edge stats and features in the world wouldn't matter if Apple can't nail a robust design and actual multiday battery life. Without these two components, Apple would probably repeat the error of the Apple Device Edition, a pricey high-end watch that no one requested.

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