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Following an Over-The-Air Software Upgrade, Polestar Now Supports Apple CarPlay

The EV manufacturer's Google brain is prepared to coexist with a competing OS.

One of the first automakers to equip its electric vehicles with Google's Android Automotive operating system, Polestar, is now offering a discount to all iOS users. Due to a recent over-the-air software upgrade, the business stated that its Polestar 2 electric vehicle now supports Apple CarPlay. Owners of the Polestar 2 and an iPhone can now reflect the displays of their devices on the car's 11-inch touchscreen in portrait mode. Users of CarPlay will be able to utilize Siri to alter the music or look up locations on Apple Maps in addition to using some of their apps. Because Polestar created a reputation for itself by building a direct connection to Apple's major adversary, Google, the addition of CarPlay functionality is intriguing. The automaker's choice to employ Google's native Android OS was considered as a potential game changer in the world of automotive software, in addition to enhancing its reputation for attractive minimalist design and robust electric performance. Driving a Polestar is the most enjoyable part, but there are other benefits as well. With the inclusion of Apple CarPlay in our most recent over-the-air update for the Polestar 2, Polestar owners with an iPhone can now change their music, utilize applications, and converse with Siri or the infotainment system. — Polestar on June 22, 2022 (@PolestarCars) Previously, automakers have used Android to power infotainment systems, but they effectively had to fork the open-source operating system and add their own framework on top. Customers can instantly use Android Auto-approved apps like Google Maps, Play Music, or Google Assistant without using their devices thanks to this embedded method, which has many advantages. Another is that it has access to the car's controls, so it can modify the climate or notify you when maintenance is needed. In order to enhance the functionality of the automobile long after it has been purchased, Polestar and Google can deploy over-the-air software upgrades using this native version of Android. However, Polestar is prepared to serve customers who wish to spend their digital lives entirely within Apple's software environment. Additionally, the business has said that it will support Apple's more comprehensive next-generation CarPlay, which would be shown on every screen accessible. The majority of the auto sector is taking a wait-and-see attitude about Apple's more domineering future plans for CarPlay. not Polestar, though.
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