Currently, Apple Music has more than 100 Million Songs

Although it surpasses Spotify, how much does it really matter?

Recently, Apple Music reached a significant milestone. Apple said that there are now 100 million songs available on its streaming music service. Given the considerable increase from the 30 million at the time of the debut in June 2015, it is likely that you will locate the new songs you're looking for. The business also claims to be adding 20,000 new tunes to the site daily.

The 100 million milestone could give Apple Music an advantage over competitors. The biggest rival Spotify claimsto have "over 80 million tracks" as of this writing. Even if that's still a pretty robust selection, it does suggest that you'll find indie favorites or backlist titles on Apple's platform more readily than you could elsewhere.

Of course, the real question is whether or not that benefit justifies switching from a different service. It's unclear how many songs—including unique DJ mixes and live sessions—are exclusives. For more information, we've asked Apple. If you can't get enough of a favorite musician, such unusual offerings could be alluring, but they won't necessarily win you over if you're content to listen to album cuts. The 100 million song figure gives Apple bragging rights, if nothing more, as it can point to a larger collection that would entice first-time streamers concerned about not being able to find their favorite record.

This morning, Apple released a press release celebrating a significant achievement for Apple Music. According to the corporation, Apple Music currently has a huge catalogue with over 100 million songs. Apple claims that with this, their emphasis on human curation is at an all-time high.

It's a strange milestone to commemorate, but as Apple notes, the viewpoint is intriguing:

Only 5,000 new albums were released annually in the 1960s. Today, any musician of any kind may write and record a song and release it globally on Apple Music in 167 countries and territories. More than 20,000 songwriters and singers contribute new songs to Apple Music every day, enhancing our collection from day to day. A more democratic environment, where anyone, including a new artist recording in their bedroom, can have the next great success, is demonstrated by the one hundred million songs.

Apple previously claimed that its music service, Apple Music, has a collection of 75 million songs. It offered a catalogue of 30 million songs when it first debuted in 2015. According to Spotify, their music library contains more than 80 million songs. Apple also highlights that, despite offering such a vast selection of songs, Apple Music still leads the field in terms of human curation.

At Apple Music, human curation has always been at the centre of everything we do. This is true in both visible and invisible ways, such as the human touch that informs our recommendation algorithms and our editorial playlists. More than ever, we understand that investing in human curation will be essential to ensuring that we are the best at bringing together artists and viewers.

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