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Better Malware Defenses are being Added to Chrome for iOS

Its user interface will soon be updated, and it will also have new translation capabilities

Google announced today that Enhanced Safe Browsing, a Chrome feature that allows users to share website URLs with the company in order to assist it in maintaining a database of potentially harmful websites, is coming to the iOS version of the browser. The functionality was previously accessible on Android and Chrome for desktop, but Google has now announced that it will be coming to iPhone and iPad with its upcoming iOS update. Google claims to be enhancing the built-in translation function of the iOS browser in addition to the security upgrade. An new language identification model will recognize when you visit a site in a different language that requires automatic translation so that you can comprehend it more properly. Additionally, certain modifications to the user interface are forthcoming. After previously being accessible on desktop and Android, Chrome Actions, a feature that allows you access options like deleting browsing data or creating an incognito tab by typing (or speaking) into the browser's address bar, is now rolling out to iOS. In addition to displaying recent tabs if you haven't opened the app in a while, Chrome's startup page has been modified to give priority to initiating a new search or visiting frequently visited websites. The settings menu in Chrome is also getting a makeover to make it easier to scan and to emphasize the choices that are used the most. Last but not least, Google is also reminding users that Chrome can automatically enter their saved passwords across all iOS apps, not just within the browser. The setup instructions can be found on this Google support page, and the feature seems to have been available at least since October of last year. Although Chrome's built-in password manager is still preferable to having to remember all your login information or, even worse, recycling a few passwords throughout the internet, we still advise using a separate password manager like Bitwarden as a feature-rich cross-platform solution.
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