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Before it gets discontinued, this is the Last Day to use Dark Sky on iOS

The king of weather applications deserves a toast.

Before it gets discontinued, this is the Last Day to use Dark Sky on iOS

Apple has terminated the well-liked weather software Dark Sky as of January 1st. The app's functionality for current users ended Monday, even though the App Store had already removed it in September.

The pre-installed Weather app on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac now includes many of the features from Dark Sky, which Apple acquired in March 2020. The Weather app now provides "hyperlocal" forecasts, such as next-hour precipitation, hourly forecasts for the next 10 days, high-resolution radar maps, and severe weather notifications. Apple shared a support document earlier this month with instructions on how Dark Sky users can use the Weather app.

Your device must be updated to iOS 16, iPadOS 16, or macOS Ventura in order to access the Dark Sky capabilities in the Weather app. According to a different Apple support document, some of the functions are now restricted to a small number of nations.

The time has come to bid Dark Sky farewell. Dark Sky is about to quit operating almost two years after Apple bought the popular weather software and more than a year after it made an announcement about its impending demise. An in-app notification has been warning iOS users since September that the program would stop functioning on January 1st, 2023. Apple also took Dark Sky out of the App Store in September (following an earlier delisting from the Play Store).

It's worthwhile to go back to Apple's own Weather app if you're looking for an alternative before browsing the App Store. The business has gradually included Dark Sky's technologies into its native offering starting with iOS 14. For instance, a new feature in the Weather app that was directly influenced by Dark Sky features next-hour precipitation notifications. Nevertheless, if you're determined to test a third-party substitute, AccuWeather and Carrot Weather are a couple that are well considering.

"Hyperlocal" predictions, which include hourly forecasts for the following 10 days, high-resolution radar maps, next-hour precipitation and severe weather alarms, are among the new features now accessible on the Weather app. The only remaining component of Dark Sky would be its third-party weather app API, which Apple will formally discontinue on March 31, 2023. The Apple WeatherKit API will take its place.


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