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As More iPhone and iPad Users, YouTube's Picture-In-Picture Feature is Becoming Available

The functionality has been anticipated for a while.

Google has revealed that more users will soon be able to use YouTube's picture-in-picture mode for iOS and iPadOS, which enables you to watch videos in a floating window while using other apps. Though there is some disparity in its availability, users of iOS 15 should soon begin to notice the functionality, according to a forum post made on Monday. As long as they live in a region where YouTube Premium is really available, customers to the service should be able to access the feature from anywhere in the world and use it to watch any kind of material. YouTube only indicates that picture-in-picture is accessible in the US to non-paying users. Although the functionality will be available to "everyone using the YouTube app on iPhone and iPad" in the US, it will only be functional for "non-music material," according to the firm. If you use Android, you probably already have this capability, and according to YouTube, nothing is changing as of right now. Some Premium customers (like myself) who have had access to picture-in-picture mode for a considerable amount of time via a variety of techniques may find this news to be a little confusing. The firm said in June 2021 that the function would be included to the app for paying users and that it also intended to make picture-in-picture available to its free users. It was made available to Premium members as an experimental feature by August. The project was then terminated by YouTube in April 2022, making it impossible for users to sign up to use the function. The business then stated that it would have more information to publish about the feature "soon." All of this is to say that getting to today's announcement has been a bit of a challenge (though, again, some of us enabled it last year and have been using it ever since). In its tweets and blog post, YouTube does acknowledge this, noting that it's "been a long roll out for a much sought feature." The business has also allowed for some leeway for this phase to take some time; while it claims in a tweet that the feature is "slowly rolling out," it states in a blog post that it should be arriving "over the next several days." Go to the YouTube app, try playing a video, and then exit the app to your home screen or another app to test if you have access to the function. If your account has picture-in-picture enabled, the video ought to immediately open in a floating window. By touching your profile image in the top right corner of the YouTube app, navigating to Settings > General, and looking for a toggle named "Picture-in-picture," you may also check for the feature.
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