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Pixelmator Pro 3.5: Unleashing the Power of HDR on Your Mac

Hey there, creative folks and Mac users! Have you heard the latest buzz in the world of digital art and photo editing? Pixelmator Pro, the award-winning Mac app loved by professionals and enthusiasts alike, has just launched its version 3.5, and it's packed with features that are sure to get your creative juices flowing. Let's dive into what Pixelmator Pro 3.5 has in store for us!

Full HDR Support: A Game-Changer

The headline feature of Pixelmator Pro 3.5 is its full HDR (High Dynamic Range) support. This means you can now import, edit, and export HDR content, including those stunning HDR photos and videos taken with your iPhone. Imagine the richer contrasts and more vivid colors you can now bring to life in your images and videos!

What Can You Do with HDR in Pixelmator Pro 3.5?

  • Edit with True-to-Life Colors: Open and edit images and videos in a wide range of HDR file formats.
  • HDR Layers: Treat HDR layers just like any other layers, using all your favorite Pixelmator Pro tools and features.
  • Share Your Masterpieces: Export your designs in popular HDR image and video formats.

Supported HDR File Formats

From ISO HDR formats like HEIC and AVIF to popular video formats like MP4 and MOV, Pixelmator Pro 3.5 has you covered. It also supports specialized HDR formats like OpenEXR and Radiance HDR, as well as RAW or Apple ProRAW photos in HDR.

Seamless HDR Editing Experience

Pixelmator Pro 3.5 makes HDR editing a breeze. Whether you're working with multi-layered compositions or creating new documents from the Clipboard, the app keeps all the HDR data intact. What's more, you can enjoy HDR support throughout the app, from thumbnails in the Layers sidebar to color adjustment presets.

HDR Content Sharing and Export

Sharing your HDR creations is just as easy as creating them. Export to a range of HDR image formats or share your moving compositions to HDR video formats. For web publishing, the unique HDR Still Image Video format is perfect.

Streamlined macOS Integration

Pixelmator Pro 3.5 seamlessly integrates with macOS, especially the latest macOS Sonoma. Edit HDR images using the Pixelmator Pro extension in Photos, automate tasks with Shortcuts and AppleScript, and enjoy HDR previews in Quick Look.

Other Improvements and Fixes

Beyond the HDR features, Pixelmator Pro 3.5 brings a host of other improvements and fixes, ensuring a smoother, faster performance and better compatibility with various file formats.

Why Pixelmator Pro 3.5 is a Must-Have

Pixelmator Pro 3.5 isn't just another photo editing tool; it's a complete package for anyone who wants to create stunning, professional-quality images and videos. With over 50 image editing tools, it's designed to unleash your creativity in every way imaginable. And with this new update, Pixelmator Pro continues to stay at the forefront of digital imaging technology.

So, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, Pixelmator Pro 3.5 is a tool that can elevate your digital art and photography to new heights. Download it today and start exploring the incredible possibilities of HDR content creation on your Mac!

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