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Apple will Allow Some Apps to Charge you Increased Subscription Charges Automatically

If the price rise does not exceed a specific threshold, you will not be required to opt in.

Apple had been testing a new feature earlier this year that would allow developers to charge higher charges for auto-renewable subscriptions. Although this "pilot program" originally limited to a few developers, Apple is now making these modifications available to everyone, with certain restrictions. Users must confirm that they will continue to subscribe at the new price if the developer increases the price of an auto-renewable membership; otherwise, the subscription will be immediately cancelled. The price increase will now be levied even if the user does not act. Apple has made a change to its subscription strategy that should make auto-renew easier, but could potentially result in unexpected payments. Under the previous procedure, consumers would be asked to opt in before being charged for a subscription that had recently increased in price. However, in the future, it will allow developers to charge greater fees automatically if they match a set of criteria. Users will be notified in advance of the price increase via email and push notification, but they must unsubscribe before being paid. Developers can use the feature if they don't raise their prices more than once a year, according to the company's release. Furthermore, the increase cannot be more than $5 or 50% of the existing monthly price, or $50 or 50% of the current annual subscription price. Users would, presumably, be automatically charged $15 for a subscription that was previously $10. However, they'll have to choose between a $30 sub and a $20 sub, because while the new price is 50 % higher, the rise is still more than $5. Apple claims that users miss messages asking them to opt in for increasing subscription rates, causing service interruptions. If this is the case, individuals are more prone to miss price rises. Because developers can only use the function if they don't adjust their pricing more than once a year, unethical players can't take advantage of the system by upping their prices every few months. People on tight budgets should nonetheless check their emails from time to time to make sure they aren't being charged higher costs than they can afford. Subscriptions that automatically renew are a terrific way to give consumers access to premium content, services, or features in your app. Apple continues to raise the standard when it comes to making it simple and clear for subscribers to check, cancel, or adjust their subscriptions. To inform customers about forthcoming changes and how to manage or cancel their subscriptions, we use a multi-pronged approach that includes email, push notifications, and in-app messaging. Users will have to actively re-subscribe using the app if the price rise for an auto-renewable subscription exceeds these restrictions. Subscribers who did not opt in to the new price will not have their subscription renewed at the next billing cycle.
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