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Apple TV+ is Getting a Live-Action 'Speed Racer' Series.

And it's from Bad Robot, directed by J.J. Abrams.

According to Variety and Deadline, Apple has given the go light to a live-action Speed Racer series for Apple TV+. According to the reports, J.J. Abrams will executive produce the show, which will be produced by his Bad Robot production business. While the show has yet to be formally announced, the two scoops are a sure sign that something is occurring with the legendary anime franchise. Ron Fitzgerald (Westworld, Friday Night Lights) and Hiram Martinez (Snowpiercer, Get Shorty), who have both worked on genre shows before, will co-write the new series. Of course, it'll be tough to surpass the Wachowskis' 2008 adaptation of Speed Racer in terms of cinematic creativity (really, the world wasn't ready), but the series' idea is ripe for another live-action spin. The new series is said to be based on the original manga from 1969. (released as Mach GoGogo). The franchise revolves around Speed Racer, his family/racing squad (which, for some reason, includes a pet chimpanzee), and his supercar, the Mach 5. There have already been multiple animated reboots of the show in the United States, so it'll be interesting to watch how another crew brings Speed Racer to life. Hiram Martinez of Snowpiercer and Get Shorty will co-write and act as showrunner, according to The Hollywood Reporter. According to sources, Apple, Bad Robot, and Warner Brothers were intrigued with his "exciting take" on the project's subject. On Speed Racer, no formal announcement has been made on who will fill the second co-writing post. According to the sources, this live-action TV show has been in the works for years. The show's details were leaked to Apple a long time ago, and the creation process has been "excruciatingly delayed." Tatsuo Yoshida invented Speed Racer, which was converted into an anime series in the 1960s. It was a huge hit among anime fans, with over 50 episodes. In 2002, Nickelodeon released an English adaptation named Speed Racer X, but it was cancelled due to a license dispute. It was also turned into a live-action picture in 2008, but it was so poor that it cost Warner Brothers money.

Abrams' $250 million pact with Warner Brothers includes a slew of projects, including this one. He's also working on Presumed Innocent, an upcoming series on Apple TV+, in addition to Speed Racer.

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