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Apple Teases a First-of-Its-Kind Dual-Port USB-C Power Converter.

You could Charge your iPhone quickly while Simultaneously Powering Something Else.

Apple is preparing to release a new version of its USB-C power adapter, featuring two USB Type-C connections this time. Yes, the business has disclosed that it is working on a 35W dual-port USB-C charger by accident. So, let's take a look at everything we know about Apple's next charger. This 35W dual-port USB-C charger was first mentioned by 9to5Mac in an Apple support document, which has subsequently been removed from the company's website. The charger will include extendable prongs, similar to the company's current adaptor, and two USB Type-C connections, according to the paper. Furthermore, you should be aware that the charger will handle a total power output of 35W, not per port. There are four different power modes supported by this charger: 5VDC/3A, 9VDC/3A, 15VDC/2.33A, and 20VDC/1.75A. There was no mention of whether it would be combined with another product or sold alone. A 35W dual-port charger, on the other hand, will allow Apple users to charge numerous devices at the same time. That means you'll be able to charge both your iPhone and your Apple Watch simultaneously. You might be able to use this charger to charge your MacBook Air or iPad. Apple isn't known for its cutting-edge power adapters — it took the business a long time to embrace gallium nitride (for the current MacBook Pro), and it typically clung to basic 5W iPhone adapters when in-box chargers were still available. However, the corporation may be willing to venture into 'uncharted' area. Apple briefly released a support page for a "35W Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter" on its website, according to 9to5Mac and AppleInsider. While there were no images or other specifics in this sneak peek, the accessory would support the USB Power Delivery rapid charging standard. It's unknown if the brick will utilize GaN or have any other unique features. The 35W, on the other hand, shows that this is meant for mobile devices rather than Macs. You could charge an iPhone 13 Pro Max (up to 27W) quickly while still having enough juice for an Apple Watch or AirPods. Multi-port chargers aren't exactly uncommon on the third-party market, but if you insist on an official solution, this could be intriguing. Apple hasn't said when the dual-port power adaptor would be available. This isn't the type of gadget that would receive a lot of attention at a conference like WWDC, and there's no assurance it would be released with a more high-profile device. While this seeming blunder could indicate a launch in the near future, it could also be months away.
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