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Apple states that iPadOS 16 will Launch after iOS 16 does.

This fall, it won't wait for an iPadOS 16.0 release to go live and will instead launch version 16.1.

Apple has verified rumors that it will alter the usual rollouts for this year's significant operating system updates. The new iPadOS's public build won't be made available at the same time as the newest iOS for the first time in years, according to the firm. The release of iOS 16 is anticipated to occur shortly after Apple's customary September iPhone event. The new iPadOS, according to the business, will be made available this fall.

Additionally, the business won't make iPadOS 16.0 available to everyone; instead, it will use iPadOS 16.1 for the public build. It's unclear if Apple intends to concurrently release iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16.1 in order to get back to their previous pace.

"This year is very significant for iPadOS. We have the freedom to deliver iPadOS on its own timeline because it is its own platform with features tailored exclusively for iPad "Apple spoke with TechCrunch. "After iOS, iPadOS will release version 16.1 this fall as a free software update.

The news was made shortly after the iPadOS 16.1 beta was made available. This year's standout feature of iPadOS is Stage Manager, a multitasking tool for iPads powered by the M1 that gives users more control over windows. The concept is that you can resize and overlap them anyway you like.

Stage Manager wasn't finished in the initial iPadOS 16 beta. We found it to be a problematic experience in our preview, occasionally crashing an iPad connected to an external monitor. Stage Manager is the key area where the iPadOS 16.1 beta has changed, according to TechCrunch. Let's hope that this build resolves some of the feature's kinks.

Bloomberg earlier stated that Apple would postpone the release of iPadOS 16 in order to fix Stage Manager problems. According to the newspaper, the OS would debut in October, which corresponds with Apple's autumn release schedule. While this is happening, it's anticipated that Apple will unveil macOS Venture in October. For what it's worth, we have so far found that using Stage Manager on a PC is a much better experience than using it on an iPad.

With more sophisticated system elements and interactions, such as a consistent undo and redo experience across the system, a redesigned find-and-replace experience, customizable toolbars, and more, desktop-class apps enable new capabilities optimized for the iPad's display across apps like Calendar, Contacts, Photos, and Mail. These capabilities also extend to apps like Calendar, Mail, Contacts, and Calendar.

Based on this, the Files app has been greatly enhanced in iPadOS 16 by introducing more practical navigation buttons, simpler access to common features like duplicate and rename, the ability to alter file extensions and view folder size, a unified open and save panel, and sortable columns.

A number of "pro" features in iPadOS 16 are only available on iPad devices with the M1 chip. With its multiple overlapping windows and full support for external displays, Stage Manager introduces a new way to multitask. Reference Mode enables the iPad to precisely match color workflow requirements, Display Zoom offers more screen real estate, and virtual memory swap increases the amount of memory that is accessible to apps.

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