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Apple’s FineWoven Accessories: Here to Stay a Bit Longer?

Hey Apple aficionados! There's a fresh buzz in the tech community, and it's all about Apple's FineWoven accessories. Despite mixed reviews from users, it looks like these accessories are not saying goodbye just yet. According to the well-known leaker Kosutami, Apple is planning to give FineWoven another go, at least for one more release cycle.

A Surprising Turnaround

This update comes as something of a surprise. Not long ago, Kosutami sparked conversations with a claim that Apple had halted all production of FineWoven accessories and even dismantled the production line. However, in a recent twist revealed on X (formerly Twitter), Kosutami now reports that Apple will continue to produce FineWoven accessories, introducing them in new colors for the upcoming season. It looks like they're not ready to part ways with FineWoven just yet!

What’s the Deal with FineWoven?

For those who might not be familiar, FineWoven is a material used by Apple in some of its accessory lines. While it aimed to offer a unique and stylish option for Apple product users, the reception has been lukewarm. Users have pointed out that the material feels somewhat cheap, is prone to snags, retains stains, and wears out quickly. Not exactly the hallmarks of what you’d expect from a premium brand like Apple.

What’s Next for FineWoven?

Given the feedback, it's reasonable to speculate why Apple would choose to extend the life of FineWoven accessories. Perhaps they see an opportunity to refine the material, making it more durable and premium-feeling in time for the iPhone 16 launch cycle. Alternatively, this could be a move to simply use up existing materials and resources before a more substantial shift to a new material type or design philosophy in future products.

Why It Matters

For Apple enthusiasts and tech accessory aficionados, the decision to continue with FineWoven—albeit possibly for just one more season—means a few things:

  • More Choices: Even with its flaws, FineWoven offers a different aesthetic and feel. Those who like the style will appreciate new color options.
  • Collectibility: Knowing these accessories might be on their way out could make them more desirable to collectors or fans of the brand.
  • Future Improvements: This could be a sign that Apple is listening to feedback and could innovate on materials and designs in upcoming releases.


So, if you've been eyeing those FineWoven cases or accessories but have been hesitant due to their mixed reviews, you might still have a chance to see if they fit your style—perhaps even in a snazzy new color. And who knows? This might be your last opportunity to grab them before Apple potentially moves on to bigger and better things.

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