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Apple releases iOS 16.2 with Improvements to the Always-On Display and Improved Security

The Freeform digital whiteboard software and an Apple Music karaoke option are also available.

Apple releases iOS 16.2 with Improvements to the Always-On Display and Improved Security

By issuing significant software updates for its devices, Apple is capping off 2022. The most notable update is iOS 16.2, which should be especially helpful for security-conscious users. With the addition of the Advanced Data Protection option in the new version, more of your iCloud data—including device backups, Messages text, notes, and photos—now has end-to-end encryption. Additionally, whether you like it or not, Apple is restricting AirDrop sharing; you will now have 10 minutes to exchange files with "everyone" before the function returns to contacts-only. The restriction may be helpful if you're concerned someone might push inappropriate content to your smartphone. It first appeared in China, apparently in an effort to placate officials wanting to stifle protests.

You should install this update immediately if you own an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max. With the 14 Pro's always-on display, you can now make your wallpaper and notification settings invisible. Yes, that makes it behave more like certain Android phones, but it may also lessen distractions (some claim that even with the wallpaper on, the phone still appears to be awake) and increase privacy. All iPhones now have access to Live Activities for MLB, NBA, and Premier League games thanks to the TV app, however you'll need one of the 14 Pro models to view them through Dynamic Island on your home screen.

Other upgrades mostly concentrate on fresh applications and forthcoming updates. Freeform's digital whiteboard software, which has been long promised, is now available and provides a visual collaboration tool for meetings and brainstorming sessions. A news feature has been added to the Weather app, and Apple Music now has a karaoke function. You'll be happy to know that Apple has given the Home app a new architecture that should make it faster and more dependable if you use your iPhone to control a smart home. Now that Matter devices are available, this could be useful (Apple added Matter support in iOS 16.1).

The organization concurrently launched macOS Ventura 13.1 and iPadOS 16.2. It should come as no surprise that these offer cross-platform features like Advanced Data Protection, Freeform, and the updated Home app. In contrast, WatchOS 9.2 introduces the Home update as a workout for runners and cyclists looking to enhance their performance on a previously run route. Although there won't be as many noticeable improvements as on the iPhone, these updates should still be valuable if you're an Apple user.

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