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Apple Might Push out the Introduction of iPadOS 16 until October

According to Bloomberg, the corporation is having trouble with the Stage Manager multitasking tool.

Major software upgrades from Appleoften come out on a regular basis, with iPhone and iPad updates typically coming soon after its significant yearly hardware event in September. But this year things could be different. Bloombergclaims that Apple may push out the release of iPadOS 16 by about a month.

The Stage Manager multitasking tool, which will only be accessible on iPads running M1 software, is reportedly the major problem. Users can overlap and resize windows using this feature. However, the majority of those that used the beta found the functionality to be buggy.

In his iPadOS 16 preview, Nathan Ingraham of Engadget said, "Stage Manager is a tad rough around the edges in its unfinished version."

"My iPad frequently failed while I was using it with an external monitor, which definitely prevented me from increasing my productivity. Apps can behave strangely when resizing their windows, which is another peculiarity."

According to earlier rumors, Apple has new iPads planned for later this year, including an iPad Pro powered by M2 and a souped-up base model with a USB-C port. The release of iPadOS 16 may be pushed back to coincide with the introduction of new tablets. According to Bloomberg, delaying the release of iPadOS 16 will also give Apple more time to focus on and improve iOS 16.

For what it's worth, Stage Manager is also a part of macOS Ventura. The feature stood out as an inclusion in Devindra Hardawar's operating system preview.

In October, Apple is rumored to release macOS Ventura. Rolling out iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura at the same time could send another veiled message about how the firm is presenting its tablets, given that Apple has long tried to shift away from the notion of the iPad as a giant iPhone and make it more of an all-purpose productivity gadget.

Aside from Stage Manager, iPadOS 16 offers a number of new features, including the iCloud Shared Photo Library, enhancements to Messages, correct support for external displays, changes to Safari, and much more. Instead of postponing the full update, Apple could have removed Stage Manager from iPadOS 16 and done it separately.

According to developer James Thomson, a delay between iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 might have a significant effect on developers. This is due to the fact that there is no way to segregate iOS 16 and iPad OS 16 APIs, which are being used by many developers to create universal apps. The only option is for developers to postpone the launch of their applications until both iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 are obtainable to the general public.

The separation of iOS and iPadOS updates by Apple is nothing new. The public was given access to iOS 13 on September 19 and iPadOS 13 on September 24 of this year. Technically speaking, iPadOS 13.1 was the first release of iPadOS 13 to the general public. iPadOS 13 was never made available to the general public or developers for beta testing.

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