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Apple is said to be working on a 'Mac Studio' Desktop with a 7K Display

The Mac Studio, On the Other Hand, would be a much More Powerful Mac Mini.

Long-held rumours about a 'headless' Mac sandwiched between the Mac mini M1 and Mac Pro may be gaining traction. According to 9to5Mac insiders, Apple has been working on a "Mac Studio" desktop based on the Mac mini but with far greater power think of it as a replacement for the company's higher-spec Intel Mac mini. According to reports, the base model will employ the M1 Max processor from the late 2021 MacBook Pro, while the higher-end model would feature a new, even more powerful chip.

As a result, speculations about a less expensive Apple monitor are circulating. According to 9to5, the corporation is also working on a 7K resolution "Apple Studio Display." Although not as ambitious as some 8K monitors, it would render the 6K Pro Display XDR obsolete. According to a research from 2021, the new monitor would employ the A13 chip from the iPhone 11 to offload various processing chores, including AI, but it's unclear whether that chip or a newer CPU is still in use. The size is also unknown, though a higher resolution suggests a screen larger than the 32-inch Pro Display XDR.

It's unclear when the Mac Studio or Studio Display will be available. Apple's Peek Performance event is scheduled for March 8th, but there's no certainty you'll see either gadget that day. For example, the corporation may wait until its annual developer conference (which usually takes place in early June).

The bigger question might be what the Mac Studio's exact role is. Will it be positioned as a "small Mac Pro" geared at creatives who don't require the modularity of a complete tower, or will it simply be an updated Mac mini? There's also the issue of permanence to consider.

The iMac Pro was introduced in 2017 as a stopgap until the new Mac Pro came, and the all-in-one was discontinued in March 2021. A Mac Studio might be a long-term product, but it could also be a temporary solution for professionals who need a fast desktop but can't afford to wait for a Mac Pro with an Apple CPU to be released.

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