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Apple is Rumored to be Working on a Huge ipad Multitasking Update

Apple appears to be aiming to make the iPad more like a laptop computer

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference takes place next week, and the rumor mill is spinning as usual in the run-up to the event. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple will unveil several major changes for iPadOS 16. Apple has long tried to market the iPad as a possible laptop replacement, and the software updates appear to push the tablet even further in that direction. According to Gurman's sources, iPadOS 16 will feature a redesigned multitasking experience with more resizing choices. Users can currently run programs in full screen or in Split View side by side. You may also use the Slide Over feature to bring up a narrower version of a third app. It appears that the next version of iPadOS will make it easier to switch between apps and see which ones are open. To add fuel to the fire, WebKit code discovered by developer Steve Troughton-Smith last week suggests that Apple may allow for fully resizable windows in iPadOS. Many users will appreciate improved multitasking options and resizable programs. People have been able to use keyboards with the iPad for a long time, and Apple two years ago added complete mouse and trackpad functionality. It remains to be seen whether the rumored iPadOS changes will truly help the gadget become a laptop killer, but it's evident that Apple isn't giving up on the notion. We'll almost certainly get a look at what's next for the iPhone, Mac, and Apple Watch operating systems at Monday's keynote. More health-tracking capabilities, enhanced notifications, and support for always-on displays are all promised in iOS 16, according to Gurman (which is expected to only be available on iPhone 14 Pro models at first). Widgets may be included in a revamped lock screen, and Messages is expected to get extra functionality as well. The Messages app, as well as push alerts, are said to be getting a makeover. According to Bloomberg, the latter will acquire more social media-like functionality for voice communications. The lock screen, on the other hand, appears to be getting the most attention: Wallpapers with widgets and an always-on lock screen that shows the time and date without waking up the phone are supposedly in the works for the iPhone 14. Another feature that Android fans can giggle at Apple for copying years after their preferred operating system started integrating it is the always-on lock screen. At WWDC 2022, tablet users will not be left hanging. This is apparently your year if you've ever wanted your iPad to function more like a laptop. According to Bloomberg, iPadOS 16 will bring improved multitasking features to iPads, including the option to resize and rearrange apps if you have two or three open at the same time. The user interface will be modified to make it easier to identify which programs are open and switch between them, similar to how a Mac computer's dock works. For the iPad line, these would be significant modifications. It can currently split-screen two apps while allocating a little amount of screen space to a third, but it lacks the window-resizing functionality that Mac users are used to.
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