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Apple intends to Enable CarPlay for Gas Payments

However, you will still need to exit your vehicle to pump.

The tech giant has started working with partners to implement a new feature that will let consumers pay for gas straight inside the company's infotainment platform until Apple releases a significant update to CarPlay later this year. Although the option to buy fuel via CarPlay was first unveiled during developer sessions at WWDC earlier this month, it didn't receive much attention until energy provider HF Sinclair recently announced intentions to integrate the technology at its gas stations in the United States. More precise information will be made available, according to HF Sinclair, who spoke to Reuters. However, the general concept is that consumers would be able to purchase gas using an app in CarPlay rather than having to swipe their credit card at the pump. There will be some initial setup required, as you must first download the app and provide your payment information. Once everything is set up, you won't need to take out your cash to refill because you can choose a certain pump from your navigation screen. Apple's initiative to accept digital gas purchases comes ahead of a significant update to CarPlay and is part of broader efforts to incorporate more third-party services as the company aims to increase the functionality of its vehicle platform. According to a remark made to Reuters by Asymco analyst Horace Dedie, this tactic may have an even bigger impact than Apple's long-rumored plans to create its own EV. Apple CarPlay is a greater deal than Apple Car, according to Dediu. It's quite likely to scale to hundreds of millions, if not millions, of cars. However, it looks the battle between in-car infotainment systems is only getting started to heat up as Google is also planning a number of improvements to Android Auto. Apple will update CarPlay with a new feature that will let customers to pay for gas. The feature was first alluded to by the company at WWDC earlier this month. HF Sinclair, an energy firm, has just revealed its ambitions to introduce the feature at petrol stations all around the country. Under an interview with Reuters, HF Sinclair disclosed that users would be able to pay for petrol without getting out of their cars by using an app in CarPlay. Users will be able to manually choose their pump and gas through the app. This is a significant move for Apple in the automotive industry because HF Sinclair already manages more than 1,600 gas stations. The energy provider stated that it has not yet published the app and that it will provide more information over the coming months. The upcoming iOS 16 software upgrade, which is expected this fall, might include the new feature.
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